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Meeting Chair Agenda Planning Page

This page is used for the Ubuntu North Carolina LoCo Team Meeting Chair.

Adding the Mootbot-UK commands to the agenda that the team reads can often make it look cluttered and difficult to focus on what is going to be discussed, especially if it is an extensive agenda.

Please used the items from /Agenda when creating this page to make sure you have added all agenda items from there. Please do not add items before making sure they are on the Agenda page that the team will see and use. This Agenda Page is for Meeting Chair to plan meeting with Mootbot-UK Commands.

This page is also meant as a guide so no time is wasted typing commands on the day of the meeting - you just cut and paste. In the event that the scheduled Chair can not make it to the meeting the person taking their place will not have to create something last minute. Keeping this page up to date will be the responsibility of the scheduled meeting Chair.

Please visit the Mootbot-UK How To page to learn more about using Mootbot-UK for the Ubuntu Women Project Meetings.

Agenda for Upcoming Meeting

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Team Approval

New Items


Reminder about next Meeting

  • [TOPIC] Date, Time, reminder that everyone can add to agenda, and link to agenda Location