Meeting opened by _marx_ at 00:00

  • <_marx_> take 34

    <internalkernel> o/

    <internalkernel> Smile :)

    <_marx_> Meeting started who all is here for the meeting?

    <magedragon25> +1

    <internalkernel> o/

    <nameiner> o/

    <marco_polo> fake out

    <_marx_> BugeyeD: ping

  • _marx_ usually lets this go for 5 mikes

    <BugeyeD> o/

    <BugeyeD> pong

    <_marx_> hi

    <BugeyeD> hidey-ho!

    <akgraner> o/

    <BugeyeD> just put the youngest down a bit early in hopes of making it all the way through this meeting

    <_marx_> [TOPIC] Review the leadership wiki

Review the leadership wiki

  • <magedragon25> been for a minute or two Big Grin :)

    <BugeyeD> i'm still having issues with my lp/wiki account, so don't know when pages change ...

    <_marx_> BugeyeD: can you view that page?

    <BugeyeD> i can view the councel page, yes. sorry. thought i had responded to that question. i reckon mage through me off.

    <_marx_> hi Italian_Plumber

    <magedragon25> huh? sorry...

    <_marx_> hum

    <_marx_> has everyone read

    <_marx_> anyone?

    <internalkernel> yep... looks good

    <magedragon25> yes...

    <BugeyeD> eys

    <BugeyeD> er, yes

    <BugeyeD> anything in particular you're hoping to hear?

    <_marx_> [vote] approve changes and create /Council page

Motion: approve changes and create /Council page

  • <magedragon25> +1

    <BugeyeD> +1

    <internalkernel> +1

    <akgraner> +0

    <_marx_> [/vote]

    <_marx_> [agreed]


  • <_marx_> [TOPIC] Ubuntu Advocacy

Results: 3 in favour, 0 against, 1 abstained.

Overall: 3

Motion Carried: approve changes and create /Council page

Motion Denied: approve changes and create /Council page

Deadlock. If someone has a casting vote now is the time to use it

Ubuntu Advocacy

  • <_marx_> anything to report here people?

  • BugeyeD dabbled in advocacy a bit today by talking to a few "everyday joes" about free desktops

    <BugeyeD> despite being "online" and "on facebook" where plenty of information abounds,

    <magedragon25> anyone that I can bring up the sunject with, I do....most of the time it's fellow students

    <akgraner> I've been asked to have a booth at the goat festival in Spindale, NC (that's all I know at the moment)

    <magedragon25> oops...subject

    <BugeyeD> none of the joes had a clue their pc didn't have to run windows. this discussion started after one complained about a virus and the others started nodding their heads.

    <_marx_> well advocacy at the goat festival

    <BugeyeD> akgraner: was that a misspelling?

    <internalkernel> I finished creating the interface for a Loom, which was based off ubuntu

    <internalkernel> its going to be part of the standard production of these machines now

    <akgraner> nope - goat festival

    <BugeyeD> internalkernel: as in weaving?

    <internalkernel> touch screen interface, no keyboard...

    <internalkernel> yeah, an automated loom

    <BugeyeD> sweet!

    <internalkernel> I believe it's a dobby loom at this point

    <_marx_> [TOPIC] Upcoming opportunities

Upcoming opportunities

  • <BugeyeD> apparently we have the opportunity to convert a few goats

    <BugeyeD> or at least enlighten them

    <_marx_> we have a release party location booked for pti

    <BugeyeD> woo! where?

    <_marx_> BugeyeD: 4-29 at Foothills

    <akgraner> internalkernel, holstein I think we should have one at Firestorm

    <internalkernel> sounds good to me

    <internalkernel> ill probably be out of town though...

    <nameiner> alinuxfan and JFo and I talked about Raleigh release party last night

    <magedragon25> marx:what time at Foothils?

    <BugeyeD> _marx_ +1

    <_marx_> rdu area right nameiner

    <nameiner> correct _marx_

    <BugeyeD> i'd really like to be where jfo talked about, the saucer i think. will have to find a reason (ubuntu hour?) to go there soon

    <_marx_> magedragon25: i think 7 but i should check

    <magedragon25> ok

    <BugeyeD> magedragon25: you can bring the disco ball.

    <magedragon25> haha....

    <_marx_> jam days folks

    <nameiner> yes, we decided on the Flying Saucer

    <akgraner> nameiner, the Saucer rocks!

    <nameiner> I know akgraner

    <_marx_> so we have release day parties covered

    <BugeyeD> i'll participate in a jam day if at all possible. what are the dates? isn't it a string of three days?

    <_marx_> late march

    <magedragon25> I think we still need a place for jam days

    <_marx_> magedragon25: yes for us in pti area

    <BugeyeD> agreed.

    <magedragon25> anyone ask at foothills or krankies?

    <BugeyeD> the one in carrboro (thanks bac) worked out great, but it was a bit far for me

    <akgraner> I am sure we'll do something in WNC..

    <_marx_> global jam things need to get firmed up pretty quick

    <magedragon25> yeah

    <BugeyeD> krankies might work for pti, but i'm not sure about foothills. unless we can have a room there, and i don't even know if they have wifi.

    <BugeyeD> wifi is a necessity, and i don't have a mifi.

    <_marx_> family friendly

    <magedragon25> I've seen a room the one time I went to foothills, and I hear thay have wifi....but how big of a room do we need

    <BugeyeD> i've been in rooms at foothills (one up and one down) and they are plenty big unless you have over say 20 people.

    <_marx_> magedragon25: i've reserved the room at street level to the right

    <magedragon25> ok

    <_marx_> [TOPIC] Team Approval

Team Approval

  • <BugeyeD> i approve of this team

    <internalkernel> +1

    <magedragon25> +1

    <BugeyeD> i'm not aware of any headway being made in the approval process, just that we're trying to more or less get stuff ready to start the process

    <BugeyeD> akgraner would likely know more, as she has contact with some of those types of folks that might actually do the approving ...

    <_marx_> current sandbox

    <akgraner> BugeyeD, we can get a couple people to look at the sandbox _marx_ is referring to..

    <akgraner> we need to include some pics from some of the events.. I'll link a few blog posts from some the events to it

    <nameiner> I have pics from the last release party

    <BugeyeD> i've been to several ubuntu days and completely forgot about taking pictures.

    <BugeyeD> i've tried to document them, though.

    <BugeyeD> i'll try to work on wiki format this weekend.

    <akgraner> so any events any of us have written/documented we need to put links on the approval wiki

    <BugeyeD> okay, where's the approval page?

    <BugeyeD> is that the roadmap page?

    <_marx_> sandbox

    <BugeyeD> i created sandbox so that i could mess with formatting without screwing up any of the official pages. has that become the approval page?

    <akgraner> _marx_, can you just rename sandbox to something like NCApprovalPage

    <_marx_> BugeyeD: no

    <akgraner> or just create it..

    <magedragon25> sorry....didn't realize my hour ran out...had to change my mac

    <_marx_> okay we're at the new goal of one hour

    <BugeyeD> magedragon25: heh. you at krankies?

    <magedragon25> yeah

    <BugeyeD> awesome. may meet you there next time.

    <magedragon25> what did i misss

    <magedragon25> ok

    <_marx_> [agreed] to new council definitions

to new council definitions

  • <_marx_> at one hour I'm closing the meeting

    <_marx_> #endmeeting

Meeting closed at 01:01

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