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# INSTRUCTIONS: see comments for Agenda and remove CatergoryNorthCarolinaTeamUpcomingMeeting after the meeting

  • We meet at 7pm on IRC channel #ubuntu-us-nc
  • To join the meeting without setting up an IRC client click here



Agenda for Upcoming Meeting

Agenda Item

Date Item Added

By Whom (please use wiki signature when possible

Additional Comments

after the meeting uncomment == Agenda == and replace this line with the agenda from NorthCarolinaTeam/Meeting/Agenda

Welcome and attendance

The chair of the meeting should endeavour to ensure that key points are discussed in an appropriate time. The chair will paste in items from the agenda during the meeting, please try to keep comments within the relevant topic, when the chair closes a topic by posting the next one you may finish the line you are typing and return to it in any other business or after the meeting. MootBot is used in meetings, please familiarise yourself with the functionality available prior to the meeting. If a vote is called you can say +1 0 or -1 to record your vote. You can do this with a private message to the bot if you don't want your vote to be public.

Governance and leadership

Discuss proposed changes to the definitions of roles as defined in

[TOPIC] Review the leadership wiki

  • Review proposed changes to definitions.
  • Call for vote. [VOTE] Approve

[TOPIC] Ubuntu Advocacy

  • The fortnight in review:
    • individual advocacy - What are you doing to get the word out?
    • Team advocacy - What is the team doing to get the word out?


[TOPIC] Upcoming opportunities

[TOPIC] Outreach to rural areas

  • [LINK] see MD Tour

  • continue or backburner?
    • enter below if time allows
      • New projects begun since last meeting
      • New project ideas

[TOPIC] Team Approval

Afaik all we need to do is make the application wiki page. The fact that we are working on the wiki organization is evidence of activity.
Please see

for a mockup of our application for approval.

  • Next Meeting Information
  • Selection of Chair and meeting date