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Welcome New User To Ubuntu!

There are plenty of places you, as a user, can find help, from adding your printer to installing new applications.

The first place you can look is the help file on your copy of Ubuntu.

  • From the menu at the top of the screen, click on System > Help.

  • In the search field, type in a word in reference what you are looking for, such as printing, email, or install programs.
  • Click on a topic in the window with information that you need.

Looking For Help Online

The Ubuntu North Carolina team is committed in helping you find answers!

Immediate North Carolina Community Support

Instructions for IRC need to be added here

If you want instant chat/IRC support, please follow these instructions. You must already have Ubuntu installed.

  1. Ask away!

Other Resources For Help And Education

The Ubuntu New User Network

The Ubuntu New User Network was established to mentor and assist of new users of Ubuntu. The New User Network is comprised of team members made up of other Ubuntu users who devote 10 hours a week to helping new users of Ubuntu in the forums, mailing lists and IRC.


The Ubuntu New User Network sponsors the Classroom project which consists of biweekly tutorials in IRC that cover a variety of subjects relating to Ubuntu.


The Ubuntu New User Network posts the Classroom Transcripts of past tutorials.


Ubuntu Open Week


During the week of, Mon, May 3rd - Fri, May 7, 2010, Jono Bacon,Ubuntu Community Manager, has organized Ubuntu Open Week. This is a week series of tutorials in IRC that covered a variety of subjects relating to current Ubuntu release that are conducted by active Ubuntu Community members and leaders.

The Ubuntu Open Week transcripts are posted.

Ubuntu Open Week Transcripts

North Carolina LUGs (Linux User Groups) And Other Groups That Promote, Educate And Support Linux And FOSS (Free And Open Source Software)

LUG/FOSS groups need to be added here

Unofficial Ubuntu HOWTO, Tutorial And Educational Resources

The Ubuntuguide is an very easy and well-versed HOWTO guide for all versions of Ubuntu.


The Ubuntu Linux Resources is an effective set of tutorials and HOWTO guide that is maintained by a highly praised member of the Ubuntu forums.

Ubuntu Linux Resources

A centralized archival repository for information that is produced on the Ubuntu forums.

Ubuntu Document Storage Facility

The APT HOWTO provides a thorough understanding of APT works. APT is the command-line utility that provides the same features as Synaptic, the gaphical package manager for Ubuntu.


Pre-Installed Linux Computers

Pre-Installed Linux Vendor Database

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