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= Road Map =
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= Road Map =
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== Projects ==

 * '''OBJECTIVE''': LiveCD placement in AFEES
 * '''ACTIONS''':
 * '''BLUEPRINT''':
 * '''DRIVER''':


 * '''OBJECTIVE''': LiveCD placement in Borders (Cary only at this writing)
 * '''ACTIONS''':
 * '''BLUEPRINT''':
 * '''DRIVER''':


 * '''OBJECTIVE''': LiveCD placement in Library in Rutherfordton, NC
 * '''ACTIONS''':
 * '''BLUEPRINT''':
 * '''DRIVER''':


 * '''OBJECTIVE''': LiveCD placement in Firestorm Coffee shop in Asheville, NC
 * '''ACTIONS''':
 * '''BLUEPRINT''':
 * '''DRIVER''':


 * '''OBJECTIVE''': Logo Development
 * '''SUCCESS CRITERIA''': adopt a team logo
 * '''BLUEPRINT''':
 * '''DRIVER''': team effort


 * '''OBJECTIVE''': Regional Team Development
 * '''SUCCESS CRITERIA''': active teams in the major metropolitan areas of NC
 * '''ACTIONS''':
    Contacts made in
    Still seeking contacts in

 * '''BLUEPRINT''':
   1. Identify key individual in each area
   2. Start an Ubuntu Hour activity facilitated by key individual
   3. Develop regional team as participation builds

 * '''DRIVER''': [[jcg]]


 * '''OBJECTIVE''': Sponsor Ubuntu Hour events
 * '''SUCCESS CRITERIA''': host at least one Ubuntu Hour event
 * '''ACTIONS''': just do it, [[|Ubuntu Hour]]
 * '''BLUEPRINT''': see above
 * '''DRIVER''': [[markthecarp|markthecarp]]

Road Map

This Wiki needs some TLC as well

This page details the roadmap for The North Carolina LoCo Team - goals for advocacy and support for the Ubuntu Local Community Team in North Carolina.

Team Meetings

  • When: 1st and 3rd Thursdays of every month at present
  • Where: #ubuntu-us-nc on Freenode
  • Time: 1900 to 2030 EST

Community Participation

Early on we decided the state was geographically broad enough that we needed to develop teams in major metropolitan areas first.

Local Advocacy

  • Develop greater participation in statewide NC Loco Team by facilitating regional teams in metropolitan areas of North Carolina as stated above.
  • Develop a program for presentation throughout North Carolina to LUGs, schools, and other venues promoting the NC LoCo Team and the Ubuntu Community.

  • Promote greater participation by facilitating events throughout North Carolina to attract Ubuntu users as well as those interested in Linux and Ubuntu.
  • Distribute, and promote the distribution of, Ubuntu Live CDs to introduce more users to the positive aspects of Ubuntu and Linux.

Events in North Carolina

Active event locations

  • Asheville - Ubuntu Hour
  • Asheville - LUG meeting
  • Raleigh - LUG meeting
  • Winston-Salem - Ubuntu Hour
  • Lucid Lynx release parties April 29, 2010 weekend
    • Asheville Charlotte Durham Winston-Salem

Planned events

  • Ubuntu Hours in Charlotte, Fayetteville and Raleigh
  • NC Loco presentations to various LUGs in NC


  • Help Solve Bug #1

  • Promote Ubuntu as a choice in how to solve Bug #1
  • Have a little fun.


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