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## When adding to the Team Reports please follow the format below using on * and not ==. Also when commenting out information please use the the double hash tags as used at the beginning of these instructions. The reason this is important is there is a script will be run monthly to pull team reports. if the anything other than the * is used the output from the script is messy. Thank you for using only * when building the reports. -- [[LaunchpadHome:akgraner]] <<DateTime(2010-04-04T14:02:37-0500)>>

== Ubuntu North Carolina LoCo Team ==

Ubuntu North Carolina LoCo Team

  • akgraner and internalkernel - set up - still a work in progress
  • Call for NC LoCo Team Bloggers to send in info for links to their blogs to be added to NC LoCo Team Planet

  • jcg2 gave presentation on NC LoCo to GCLUG on March 9

  • Held Ubuntu Hours in Asheville and Winston-Salem

  • NC LoCo Team wiki pages reorg in prep for LoCo Team Approval

  • Held two LoCo team IRC meetings to finalize plans on LoCo Team Approval

    • March 4th Meeting
    • March 18th Meeting
  • akgraner spoke at WNCLUG group about "How to encourage Non-Technical End Users (NTEU) to participate in your technical organization"
  • Celebrated Ada Lovelace Day

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