Chris Wilson


My name is Chris Wilson and I'm currently working as a Software Engineer in Manchester, UK.

Contact Information

Launchpad ID:



notgary on freenode


notgary [at HUMANS ONLY PLEASE] ubuntu [dot] com



Ubuntu Forums:



I'm willing to help out with any Ubuntu-related project, provided I have the time, that covers any of the following areas:

  • Native mobile development for iOS, Android or Windows Phone
  • Desktop development with C++, Qt, Python, Gtk or Java

Just contact me via any of the above methods if you think I can help you with anything.


I believe the Hundred Papercuts project is vitally important to Ubuntu. As well as focusing on the minor/trivial bugs that developers typically triage down the back of the desk, it provides a point of entry for new contributors to learn the processes involved in Ubuntu development, get to grips with the tools and find their way around the code without getting in over their heads.

The initial drive and enthusiasm with which the project kicked off during the Karmic cycle was all but faded into the night, putting that value at risk. Working with the remaining contributors, the Ubuntu Desktop team and the community at large, I intend to breath new life into what should be the crown jewel in community involvement in Ubuntu.



One Hundred Paper Cuts

  • Project Lead from August 2012 to present
  • Number 1 contributor from January 2011 to present
  • Member of Papercutters team since January 2011
  • Number 2 contributor from December 2010 to January 2011



  • Chris is a very important asset for the Papercuts project. He has been a strong contributor to the project in terms of bug triaging as well as rallying contributors for the project for almost a year now, which is why I handed over project leadership to him in August 2012. He would make a great Ubuntu member thanks to his contributions and work. -- Bilal Akhtar


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