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Info scraps

  • build deb package without cleaning tree: dpkg-buildpackage -b -D -nc -rfakeroot -us -uc

  • allow moving windows above top panel in Compit: gconftool-2 --set /apps/compiz/plugins/move/allscreens/options/constrain_y --type bool 0


  • suppose I want to make a self-developed application [or Gedit plugin] available on Ubuntu (on latest four releases); what would be the best way to do this?
    • it shouldn't be necessary to become heavily involved with Ubuntu for this (no MOTU or the like)
    • bonus points for offering the app through a PPA
    • take the "Windows way" as challenge (on Win, it's possible to offer apps simply as static binaries or as setup.exe files)
  • how should spelling/grammar errors in Ubuntu Gnome translations be reported or fixed?
  • how to fix https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sqlitebrowser/+bug/369480 ("sqlitebrowser should register itself for opening *.sqlite files")?

    • actually how does one specify in a .deb that the application should be used to open a specific file type? On the net, information about this topic is very sparse and fragmented...

Various info scraps

These are my own public notes about various stuff. Feel free to add your own notes to an entry, but please add your (nick) name and distinguish your additions somehow (for example in italics) - thanks!

Evolution improvement suggestions

  • more options should be accessible by right-clicking on account (in left pane):
    • account settings (currently they are buried in the general Settings dialog)
    • IMAP subscriptions
  • when opening Settings dialog, the window resizes after some hundred msec -> if you click quickly, the click might land on another button if the window resizes just in that moment

  • enabling "only show subscribed folders" in IMAP account settings is not applied when closing the dialog (have to restart Evo to make it apply)
  • what do the icons in message list (like the orange circle with white exclamation mark) mean?
    • maybe add tooltips to icons or to headers?
  • the number of unread messages in IMAP Inbox is wrong (Evo says 891 while Claws and others say 2339); the absolute number of mails is correct, though
    • looks like the "missing" mails have been moved to the "Unerw├╝nscht" (Junk?) folder somehow (including some non-spam mails)
    • again, some information about this folder would be nice (like in Properties dialog)
  • the Sent folder for IMAP account does not have special icon (but its name is translated) while the Sent folder for Local Computer does have
  • while all folders can be excluded from mail checking (in Properties), this is not possible for the Junk folder, where it would be useful for me
    • looks like the icon-marked Junk folder is not the same as my IMAP Junk folder but rather some special folder
  • the Junk folder was not really intuitive for me when using Evo on an existing IMAP account
    • it shows all mails that have the Junk tag set on IMAP server, and those mails are hidden from Inbox
      • not sure if it also handles Junk mails from other folders
    • would be nice if there was a way to disable this folder and restore the "normal" behaviour (ie. show the Junk mails in Inbox)


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