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Ohio LoCo Marketing Team

About: Needs as many team members as possible! Will include assignments such as these. This is a position of glory and high recognition! We have recently merged with the CD Team, so update your links!

Leader: Daniel (Delvien)

See other members of the Marketing Team.

==Proposed Work==

Sponsorship and advertising for ubucon. (Contact System76, zareason, Canonical, etc)

CD Distribution

(Put on hold for now)

Formerly the CD Team

This team will be devoted to obtaining CD's (burning, publishing, and requesting). This team will also be responsible for finding and placing CD's in physical locations in the state. Also, mapping these locations and publishing them (CD's available at Barnes and Noble in Pickerington, Frappr, etc.)

Library Distribution

Here are some supplementary materials intended for inclusion with Ubuntu CDs packaged in 7 1/2" x 5 1/4" x 1/2" cases, specifically when "donating" to libraries.

Lightscribe Project

Started by: Anthony S. Hall

Goals: To publish professional looking CD's containing Ubuntu, and other Free Software for other operating systems, to be used in distribution in Ohio and for use by other Ohio Sub-Teams (for example, New User and Linux Education Teams).

Progress: Beginning equipment purchased (one Lightscribe drive, one printer, 200 slim jewel cases, 25 lightscribe DVD's.

Plans/Next Stage: Order 50 pack spindle of Lightscribe CD's, design Lightscribe art and CD Inserts using Official Ubuntu Artwork, design Lightscribe art and CD Inserts for Free Software, including but not limited to, Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird and

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