Ohio LoCo New User Team

About: This can be as many people who are interested. We need to have a strong support group as there will be an influx of new users who will need our support!

Leader: Brady Merriweather

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Works In Progress

Face to Face Support (F2F)

View an "extremely awesome illustration" of the proposed tech support process.


A good presentation on how to profile a new user to Ubuntu & good troubleshooting practices: profilinguser-ubuntu-ohio.odp

Structure Of Support

Many of support documentation will be used from the following areas:

  • Ohio Education Team
  • Ohio New User Team
  • Beginners Team
  • Official wiki documentation

This flow chart shows the structure information for new users & New User Team members. This would be a quick reference guide for common issues for the New User Team which can be accessed to resolve issues with verified tested results, and improve new users experience with Ubuntu. To reduce redundancy of work already done by both Official and Community sites. Many of the links will point to specific troubleshooting steps for easy access.

The goal is to make this like a troubleshooting database. There might be information that a team member may not know, or might not remember all the steps to get from point to point. The result of the project would do the following:

  • Allow team members easy "cut & paste" instructions to send to a new user needing assistance on a specific problem: via email or message board.

  • Allow team members quick access to knowledge in troubleshooting a specific application or service that works in a Ubuntu Linux environment.
  • Growth in knowledge for team members assisting new users.
  • Help team members determine issues new members may experience are software or hardware related. (IE: If the problem is due to hardware incompatibility issue which causes problems with video, sound, or installation)
  • Giving team members knowledge that could be useful in becoming certified partner, and quite possibly a new career!



The Beginners Development Team will have a maintained list of troubleshooting wikis, websites, and documentation steps created for use at:

The Beginners Guide Project

This is a FAQ designed with a new user in mind being developed by the beginners team. If you like to contribute to this project, please read more about the goals on the related thread explaining the sections at .

You can use these sections as a referral to users needing assistance in particular subjects.

Reporting Bugs

Because team members may notice patterns that could be discovered as a new bug. Team members are encourage to to report in detail steps to duplicate the problem and workarounds if possible to the software development team at:

Launchpad pages:

Bug Tracker for Ubuntu

Volunteers: (Sign your name here if you'd like to do F2F support!)