Discussion Points

  • Consolidation of team websites
    • Content for wiki vs. website
  • Extreme website makeover!


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Begin Meeting

>} <Vorian> Welcome one and all! <Vorian> agenda is short(ish) <Vorian> Who here is n3w? <Vorian> or here for the first time? <jimbo2150> New, second meeting Big Grin :) <Vorian> welcome back =] <hackle577> welcome all! <Vorian> well then <Vorian> meatballhat is not going to be here tonight <Vorian> so onto the agenda <Vorian> Consolidation of team websites. How can we make it less confusing for new memebers? <hackle577> yes <hackle577> proposed last week by... err.... someone <Vorian> so, then someone, speak up <hackle577> lol * michael (n=michael@cpe-65-189-219-165.neo.res.rr.com) has joined #ubuntu-ohio <Vorian> frankly, I'm confused <jgedeon> Direction and flow needs to be in place. * michael has quit (Client Quit) <Vorian> there is only one website ? <Vorian> or are we talking about wiki pages? <jgedeon> I was thinking of the new users parts. <hackle577> ah it was AForgue <hackle577> here is his exact comment: <hackle577> As a new member, it is a little confusing which website is which. Right now I have found my way into three separate sites...https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/ , http://ohio.ubuntu-us.org/ , https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-us-ohio This just seems very disjointed and confusing to me. <Vorian> hmm <Vorian> I can see that <hackle577> I personally remember this being confusing too, back when i first joined <Vorian> hackle577, how did you find the team? <hackle577> UF :-D <Vorian> =D <Vorian> so lets start with this post <Vorian> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=305205 <Vorian> all the team info... <hackle577> is that still stickied? <Vorian> yep <Vorian> don't you think it should be? <hackle577> yeah definitely <Vorian> so, newcomers to ubuntu may not know about launchpad <hackle577> true <Vorian> that would throw users off a bit <Vorian> I'll tell you what I'll do <hackle577> if I were Vorian, I might go back into that post and edit it a tad to better to explain what site it for what, etc. <Vorian> I flesh out the team info a bit with more detailed explanations <hackle577> *is for what <Vorian> Smile :) <hackle577> nice <hackle577> great minds.... <Vorian> who found the team in a different way? <hackle577> I can also build up our wiki's New Member page -> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/NewMember <hackle577> which is currently blank <jgedeon> I found it from LordVorians signature. <Vorian> ah <Vorian> I just changed it today <jimbo2150> I found it similarly. I found ohio.ubuntu-us.org which took me to UF, which too me to LP and wiki <Vorian> jimbo2150, how did you come accross the website? <jimbo2150> Google search <Epic720Admin> I am getting an input/output error when trying to move a folder..... can anyone help? <Vorian> Epic720Admin, in #ubuntu <Vorian> we are having a meeting ATM <Epic720Admin> ohh sorry <Vorian> =] <Vorian> tis ok <jgedeon> Epic720Admin: there is a ubuntu meeting going on we can help after the meeting. <Epic720Admin> thanks <jgedeon> Opps that was supposed to be a private message. <Vorian> hehe <hackle577> lawls <jgedeon> Google search brings up an idea. What if we created and ubuntu-ohio.org site that then linked to the different places for what was needed.... <Vorian> what are some ideas on making it easier to navigate the hundreds of ohio links? <jgedeon> But could be used as the main site. <Vorian> like how jgedeon? <hackle577> i'd say out of all our sites, i use LP the least, closely followed by http://ohio.ubuntu-us.org/ <hackle577> forums and wiki mainly, but maybe that's just me? <jimbo2150> same here <Vorian> but others will be using other areas frequently <hackle577> yeah <jgedeon> A the wiki and launchpad have basically one reason for use and that is basically development. <Vorian> hackle577, lets create a catchall wiki page with just links for the topic line on irc. <jgedeon> Maybe ohio-ubuntu-us.org needs to be a better content manager with actual sections for the main information like news things. <Vorian> something like the team info post on UF * Brady_M (n=o0splitp@cpe-24-166-229-191.columbus.res.rr.com) has joined #ubuntu-ohio <hackle577> vorian: will do <Brady_M> Apologies <hackle577> hi Brady_M! <Vorian> kewl <Vorian> !howdy | Brady_M <ubotu> Brady_M: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu-ohio! <Vorian> PWill, <jgedeon> Maybe ohio-ubuntu-us.org needs to be a better content manager with actual sections for the main information like news things. <Vorian> we'll see <Vorian> there could be some other format we could use <jgedeon> Looking at ohio-ubuntu-us.org right now it seems the only thing it is is what?????? <hackle577> meeting logs lol <Vorian> jgedeon, I have a plan <hackle577> and our planet <jgedeon> The meeting minutes could be a meetings section since it's just links. <hackle577> well they're on the wiki too <hackle577> i dunno why they would even have to be there at all <Vorian> I will snag a new template <Vorian> you know whats funny? <jgedeon> I can see the links to where ever the minutes are being put on the main site in a section but to have the whole front page covered in them makes the page useless. <Vorian> Only approved teams get to have canonical hosted sites. <Vorian> Non-approved teams are going ape about it. <hackle577> just in time for us <Vorian> They say it's vital to what they do <Vorian> I don't think we really *need* a website <Vorian> but <jgedeon> Heck if we could actually do something worth while and usefull I will donate the hosting that was just repo'd for a client. <Vorian> it's cool to have one =] <hackle577> vorian: agreed <hackle577> about the not needing one <jimbo2150> If we posted the meeting logs in the forum would probably work too Smile :) <Vorian> it will be very cool when we have the support module in place <hackle577> true <Vorian> jimbo2150, not so much <Vorian> well, maybe so <hackle577> just more clutter <Vorian> ok <hackle577> IMHO <jgedeon> Well organize the clutter. <hackle577> i hate to be the naysayer, but not everything needs to be cross-posted everywhere <Vorian> >!>!>!>!>>!>!> <Brady_M> Redundant work, just makes busywork true <jgedeon> Just looking at the the places there isnt' one place that says what the Ohio team is about. <jimbo2150> I just meant if we didnt have a website... since it was brought up. <jgedeon> Atleast without searching. <Vorian> well, If we could get sub forums... <hackle577> jimbo2150: well they'd still be on the wiki as well <Brady_M> Vorian: Why can't an RSS thread be clicked to show on the main page say on the right the first new 5 topics? <Vorian> PWill, ^ <Vorian> I'll check into it <hackle577> i'll tell you what everyone, i' <Vorian> ... <hackle577> i'll create a main wiki page with an "About OhioTeam" section plus all the relevant links, team info, etc. <hackle577> to be featured prominently <Vorian> kewl <hackle577> sort of newcomer's guide <Brady_M> I understand the design of the main page. It;s a great idea., just a "taste" of all we got owr hands in <jgedeon> Why not use the ohio-ubuntu-us.org site for that? <Vorian> jgedeon, because anyone can improve the wiki add/edit/delete <Vorian> not so with the website <jimbo2150> I only check the site maybe once a month. The wiki and forums seem to be more active with new people. <Vorian> the website should be static IMO <hackle577> i think the wiki is more closely tied to the forums than the site as well <jgedeon> If they are members of the site they should be able to. <Vorian> wiki=dynamic * Vorian shivers <hackle577> lol <jgedeon> wiki is projects and informational planning. <jgedeon> Which is like launch pad too. <Vorian> jgedeon, adding content in limited areas, members can already do that. <jgedeon> http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=Ubuntu+Ohio&btnG=Google+Search <Vorian> w00t! <Vorian> I'm #4 <Vorian> for free! <hackle577> i'm #7 <jimbo2150> lol <jgedeon> If some one searchs ubuntu and ohio what is the first link they see??? Why not use that to our advantage? <hackle577> well, kinda <Vorian> jgedeon, point taken <hackle577> yeah <hackle577> hmm <jgedeon> The wiki is actually the fifth. <hackle577> i was counting subresults :-P <jgedeon> LOL <Vorian> the current theme will limit what we can do somewhat <Brady_M> Everyone's links to referring page is what put it up top it was last month #3 it's good it's gone up the list <jgedeon> Yea that is going to put loardvorian in the 3rd place. LOL <jgedeon> Themes are just templates... Its what is behind the template that matters.. Make the thing work for us. Use it as a content management system. <hackle577> wikis do nicely at managing content too Smile :-) <hackle577> i dont know, how it is now I wouldnt mind just doing away with the website and consolidating effort in fewer places <hackle577> but that's just me <jgedeon> Like Brady_M ask. RSS feeds would work well for showing activity elsewhere but give a clean cential point. <jgedeon> wikis manage documentation. <jimbo2150> One thing I found odd though: Why is the NewMember page blank? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/NewMember <hackle577> jimbo2150: i'm fixing that soon <hackle577> we talked about it not 5 minutes ago lol <jimbo2150> Oh, I didnt know you were referring to that Wink ;) <Brady_M> The title opf the page's relevence, the content on the page and the referring links from blogs, video casts, myspace pages has drawn the main page their to the top. those who talk about us, referr that page. I myself in over 13 locations have the main page linked <Brady_M> plus everyone here's blogs linked to * Vorian points out we just changed the forum homepage again <hackle577> i understand everyone's points and they are good ones, but it seems like if we want to consolidate something has to go, and we are sitting here talking about adding things in different places <jgedeon> Why do things have to go why can't they serve the purpose that they were designed and intended for? <jimbo2150> Mainly content though, not new locations Smile :) I do agree that having Forums, Web, Wiki, LC, etc is a bit much. <Vorian> jimbo2150, that will not change <hackle577> IMHO, the website does not serve enough of a useful purpose to justify existence in the face of a need to consolidate <jgedeon> IMO that is cause the website isn't doing what it needs to do. <hackle577> i win, my opinion was humble :-P <jgedeon> LOL <hackle577> well, let's look at it this way: <jgedeon> One wonders why the set up is working so well for the Ubuntu project? <hackle577> we cant well get rid of the forums or the wiki <Brady_M> Results 1 - 10 of about 888 for "Ubuntu Ohio". (0.17 seconds) <Brady_M> Results 1 - 10 of about 1,170,000 for Ubuntu Ohio. (0.05 seconds) <Vorian> jgedeon, what are you implying? <jgedeon> Ubuntu.com gets you to the wiki's the forum launchpad and Canonical <Vorian> jgedeon, it's the template <Vorian> our layout needs to change <Vorian> I am all for that <jgedeon> Templates are layouts. What are the modules? <Vorian> like plugins <jgedeon> I know. <Vorian> ok then. <Vorian> something like this maybe? <Vorian> http://chi.ubuntu-us.org/ <jgedeon> BRB working on something. <Vorian> ok, we beat that to death <Vorian> moving on... <hackle577> lol <Brady_M> lol yea <jimbo2150> Using the main page as a simplified marketing page would be a good idea. <Vorian> The CDs for Libraries thingy is practically ready to be fired off, <Vorian> pending completion of the booklet content. I posted about the covers <Vorian> on the wiki and here: meatballhat.com/ubuntu <Brady_M> looks like a cut n paste <jimbo2150> Ya it does :P <hackle577> nicely done <jgedeon> Ok two different sites doing two different things but the template is the same right now.. http://www.edinburgtownship.com and http://www.pettigrew-online.com * Brady_M has the same template LOL <jgedeon> DARN just got busted... <jgedeon> Templates back to what they are supposed to be.... Boy that didn't take long to get caught. <hackle577> ? <jimbo2150> ha ha <jimbo2150> If you have those pages loaded, reload them. <Brady_M> jimbo2150: just look at my site and laugh. Smile :) http://www.adminremote.com/joomla/index.php <Brady_M> boom you just changed it Smile :) * Brady_M joomla is awsome Smile :) <jgedeon> There three different sites looking the same but serving different content. It's all in the modules to get the site to do what want and to show the needed content. <hackle577> i agree there, but i think we have too little content as of now to be spread so thin <hackle577> but i think we are trying to move on... <hackle577> trying * jgedeon wonders what would have happened if he would have changed all their clients... Phone already rang 7 times about this. <Vorian> CD's for libraries.... <hackle577> how are we going about actually getting them to the libraries? <Brady_M> Isn't their a fedral non profit to get free paid postage? wouldn't we as a group be eligiable for that? <jgedeon> Brady_M: are we a filed 501? <Brady_M> that's what I'm trowing this out. I don't know <jgedeon> I don't believe that we can be. I don't think we would get authorization for that from Shuttleworth or Conical. <Brady_M> OK <jgedeon> Why can't I ever spell that name quick enough. <jgedeon> We would then need board members, secritary and treasure. <Brady_M> I see. <Vorian> a council would do <Vorian> anyway <Vorian> Is there anything anyone want to cover tonight? <Vorian> or table for next time? <Brady_M> Yea me! <jgedeon> Vorian what about what we talked about the other day about that email. <Vorian> go Brady_M =] <Vorian> ah, yep <Vorian> wait Brady_M <Brady_M> Well, the support side, me and DM| been picking on things, and someone else, ... idiotasme I belive working on phone support <Brady_M> for the meantime <Brady_M> we been adding tidbits here <Brady_M> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/NewUser <Brady_M> I would assume as we all play with these options one will fall off and one would be the "main" way to run voip support <hackle577> looking good <Vorian> kewl <Brady_M> Also want to see the machiene I'm bringing to OLF? <Brady_M> Your going to Like it! <Brady_M> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VlaSsoFfG6c <aoirthoir> can I look? <aoirthoir> Big Grin :) <Brady_M> yea <aoirthoir> danke <aoirthoir> niccccccccce <hackle577> schweet <aoirthoir> 400 watts <jgedeon> Anyone know if a LTSP setup is coming? <Brady_M> So that's my 2 cents tonight <aoirthoir> ok I got cgi-bin workin with htmldoc <aoirthoir> now gonna try some cobol <jgedeon> Vorian: are you going to cover the other subject? <Vorian> If everyone is still around <Vorian> Just as a note on people asking to crack passwords and the like <Vorian> Please don't help in those instances. <Brady_M> ok <Vorian> Most every time, people are up to no good. * jimbo2150 waves sign Vorian's passwords for SALE! Best offer! <Vorian> like trying to gain admin access on a company computer/laptop <jgedeon> The point being is that you do not know if person is someone else trying to access someone elses machine. If they have been round Ubuntu or linux longer then three days they should know that google has the answers for that.}}}

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