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Meeting Log

<jacob> if i can find my the links here 
<tnseditor> ok 
<jacob> here we go: the poll results 
<Phoenix301_> oh boy! *like a little kid* 
<jacob> hehe 
<tnseditor> :-p 
<jacob> tnseditor & Delvien: you both got a full Yes on the polls. you okay with being on the council? 
<Delvien> Yerp 
<tnseditor> yeppers! 
<jacob> ok that was easy, 3 to go 
<tnseditor> hi seisen 
<jacob> hey seisen 
<jacob> seisen: you also got a yes on the polls. would you like to be on the council? 
<seisen> yes 
<jacob> 3 down, 2 to go 
<jacob> actually nvm 
<tnseditor> :-) 
<jacob> i'm me and theidiotthatisme just left 
<tnseditor> :-p 
<jacob> i'll say yes to whatever i ask myself :P 
<tnseditor> I don't know what he is going to do though. 
<tnseditor> hahaha 
<jacob> theidiotthatisme will most likely say yes but i will wait until he returns 
<tnseditor> yes 
<jacob> ok, so now i have to sign into the membership panel here... 
<jacob> and ctrl+f for names 
<Delvien> So this means 5 members on the council ? 
<jacob> yup 
<jacob> seems to be 
<Delvien> Thought there were only supposed to be 3 
<jacob> i don't believe we set a limit... or did we? 
<Delvien> 3 council members 
* jacob looks up 
<Delvien> because we had the teams led by the council members 
<jacob> true 
<jacob> however i don't think we had to have everyone on a subteam, can anyone confirm?
<tnseditor> I thought it was just a general council and then some of them would be on the subteams 
<seisen> that is what I assumed 
<Phoenix301_> i cant confirm sorry, but it does seem like it was just a general council that lead the subteams as one <jacob> that's what i was thinking 
<Phoenix301_> isnt there a log on the wiki? 
<Phoenix301_> it might be in there 
<jacob> well, i'm going to go ahead and add y'all (cept for theidiotthatisme for now) onto LP 
<tnseditor> thanks Jacob 
<jacob> and we'll debate this subteams thing tonight 
<jacob> because i can't think of a thing for the comment field i'm just screaming into it 
<Delvien> omg 
<Delvien> I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance! 
<jacob> by switching to geico? <Delvien> Nationwide actually 
<seisen> lol 
<tnseditor> haha 
<jacob> :P 
<Phoenix301_> by staying out of an accident? 
<Phoenix301_> :p 
<Delvien> yeah 
<jacob> ^ 
<tnseditor> good job :-) 
<jacob> i'm going to GIMP up a picture of two thoughts of organization i'm having for this council 
<jacob> chat on until then :D 
<tnseditor> ok 
<Delvien> wow 
<Delvien> thats an extra 50$ a month im going to be saving 
<Delvien> yay 
<jacob> nice 
<tnseditor> in a few months you can buy a new router (sorry I just can't get over it) 
<Delvien> haha 
<Delvien> tell em to return it 
<Delvien> simple enough 
<Delvien> what brand did they buy anyway? 
<tnseditor> no idea 
<tnseditor> he got off right after I scolded him :-p 
<tnseditor> the thing is is that I have talked to him about different wireless routers... he's the one that brought it up, asked questions, and seemed to be interested. I bet I wasted 30 minutes on it 
<tnseditor> but there's been several other issues where he has talked to me about something and then does something completely different 
<Delvien> Well does his router have a built in WOL ? 
<Delvien> I doubt it 
<Delvien> Does his router have HotSpot HTTP redirect ? 
<Delvien> I doubt it 
<Delvien> Does his router have the power to heal cancer, and make babies like mine? 
<Delvien> I doubt it 
<tnseditor> I bet it's just an average Wireless N 
<tnseditor> hahahaha 
<Delvien> Wireless N lol 
<Delvien> waste of money 
<Phoenix301_> Wireless Nothing 
<tnseditor> ha 
<Delvien> Wireless Nerfherders 
<tnseditor> for his purpose especially 
* Delvien is listening to Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger <jacob> okay i'm doing really bad at drawing this out <tnseditor> I bet he/ his parents think their internet will be faster (even though I explained that it will actually be slower by sharing it between 2-3 computers) <Phoenix301_> you should of let me do it :p <jacob> so i might just explain it :P <tnseditor> :-p <Delvien> jacob do what i did, draw it on a piece of paper, and take a picture <jacob> actually never mind, this is a trivial launchpad thing <jacob> true Delvien :P <Delvien> jacob we kind of already discussed team structure . <jacob> Delvien: i know, this is just a LP organizational thing <Phoenix301_> well, if we decide on what to do i can make it look nice and pretty at another time <jacob> which again is really trivial <tnseditor> Trivial Pursuit? <tnseditor> :-p <jacob> hehe <jacob> it's just to do with having a council team be the owner of the ohio team vs having 5 admins of the team <tnseditor> what's the difference? <jacob> now that i think of it i think the latter is preferred anyway, since the loco admins want a team contact to send CDs to <Delvien> jacob http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=6satao0&s=1, <jacob> really really trivial thing tnseditor, i don't know why i'm bringing it up :P <tnseditor> :-p <jacob> though that makes me think of something <jacob> Delvien: hehe <jacob> you know how we get 200 CDs from shipit (used to be 500 :( ) <tnseditor> ? <seisen> 500? <jacob> for those panera parties and whatnot <tnseditor> yes I know we get some <tnseditor> just never knew that there were ever 500 <jacob> yeah it was 500 before the US loco project began and a whole bunch of locos appeared <jacob> about a year ago <tnseditor> :-p <jacob> anyway <jacob> i haven't poked whoever it may be to get contact info on where to ship those yet <tnseditor> oh <jacob> does anyone in particular want to hold them to take to the release parties/events/whatever? <tnseditor> I would, but I never know for sure if I can <Delvien> I will <tnseditor> (come to an event) <Phoenix301_> same here, i would be willing to if i knew that i could commit to being at the events <jacob> you all duke it out, as i'm shady on being available for some events at times <Delvien> I can make it to every meeting indef. unless I meet an insanely beautiful woman who will take all of my time (doubtfull) <jacob> hehe <Phoenix301_> well, Delvien said he would be willing to a minute ago, sounds like he is the only one who seems to be available <seisen> nice <tnseditor> ok <Phoenix301_> :) <tnseditor> go for it :-) <jacob> ok Delvien email me a shipping address <jacob> and i'll forward that along <Delvien> Your email :P? <jacob> yup <Delvien> nm got it <jacob> jpeddicord@ubuntu.com; you see it at all the list mailings :P <jacob> actually i always forget to set the right from addy :P <Delvien> sent it to your gmail sorry <jacob> no prob, they funnel to the same <Delvien> kk <Delvien> my next goal, get an @ubuntu.com email addy <jacob> i will get on that then :D <jacob> hehe <Delvien> :P <seisen> we can help you with that <Delvien> Ok, so what are we on with the meeting? <Delvien> Cause i have a topic if we are in between <jacob> well, i guess we have subteams, but go ahead Delvien <Delvien> Ok so we have the 3 teams, Marketing, Education, Communication, who are the leaders of those ? <jacob> that's what we'll figure out at some point, however as anthony isn't here we might want to wait <tnseditor> ok <Phoenix301_> isnt this the same disscussion as the subteams thing? <jacob> Phoenix301_: this is figuring out who is going to lead them <Phoenix301_> ahh, okay <jacob> okay it seems i manually request for the CDs when the time comes in a few months * jacob starrs Delvien's address in gmail <Delvien> Ill handle that if I can jacob <Delvien> Just when time comes, we will get together and talk about it <jacob> kk <jacob> actually that reminds me of yet another thing <tnseditor> some other trivial pursuit? <tnseditor> :-p <jacob> team contact <jacob> do you all care if i remain as the team contact? all it is is communicating with loco mailing lists <Delvien> cool with me <seisen> thats fine <tnseditor> absolutely not :-p <jacob> ok <tnseditor> just kidding :-p <jacob> yay less paperwork <jacob> s/paper/web <tnseditor> :-) <Phoenix301_> real quick on the subteam leader thing, i think it should be stressed that the point of the council is to collectively lead, so maybe rather than saying who is the leader of a subteam, stress that it isnt necessarily a separate leadership but a position of being the head of a subteam within the council. <theidiotthatisme> :-) <Phoenix301_> ogga booga <tnseditor> welcome back theidiotthatisme <theidiotthatisme> ty <tnseditor> welcome snap-| <jacob> good point Phoenix301_, which could make my trivial point a little less non-trivial <jacob> wb theidiotthatisme <theidiotthatisme> ty jacob <jacob> quick question theidiotthatisme, you got a yes on the polls; are you okay with being on the council? <Delvien> but at the sametime Pheonix301_ you dont want too many people to "lead" its all about condensing and making it simple, Simplicity = success <Delvien> a leader doesnt nec mean boss <jacob> indeed <theidiotthatisme> Jacob: Absolutely <jacob> kk * jacob marks in launchpad <theidiotthatisme> If anything comes up, I'll let everyone know by mailing list <jacob> and then there were 5 <Phoenix301_> thats sort of what i was trying to say, that labeling certain people as the leaders of specific subteams complicates it further, and to instead just sort of put a responsiblity that keeps it from really sounding like a boss position <Delvien> Thats what it is :) you got it right <jacob> :D <seisen> \o/ <tnseditor> :-) <jacob> subteam leadership: we need a leader for communication, a leader for education, and one for marketing <jacob> aaaannnd.... go! <theidiotthatisme> *pops everyone* <tnseditor> grand :-p <Delvien> Education <-- <jacob> i'm fine with lurking around on any of them <Vorian> *rolls eyes* <Vorian> :P <tnseditor> Communication for me? * jacob rolls eyes back at Vorian :D <Delvien> shoosh Vorian <tnseditor> nice of you to join us vorian <jacob> that leaves marketing undebated; anyone? <Vorian> *suggests someone let a forum admin know who the communication tl will be* <jacob> mm hmm <Delvien> hold on a sec <jacob> i'll ping you Vorian whenever <Vorian> jacob: kk :) <Delvien> I take a step back, Ill go for communication instead <Delvien> oh <Delvien> Idk lol <jacob> :P <jacob> everyone wants forum moderator lol <Delvien> tnseditor what would you like to do ? <tnseditor> communication :-p <Delvien> blah <Delvien> haha <Phoenix301_> well this makes things interesting <tnseditor> :-p <Delvien> Ill arm wrestle you for it :D <seisen> well then I will take education and whoever spends a lot of time on the forums should be the forum moderator <tnseditor> virtual arm wresting :-p <tnseditor> :-D <seisen> at least that is my 2 cents <theidiotthatisme> seisen: I second you for Education <jacob> any marketing goons out there? :D <seisen> so we have a wrestling match for communication and nobody interested in marketing <tnseditor> that's sad :-p <Phoenix301_> this is how they should settle presidential elections :p "I will arm wrestle you" <jacob> haha <tnseditor> haha <Vorian> pfft, marketing should be the easiest, most fun, and highest profile team * Delvien whistles innocently, and talcs up his hand <jacob> i'll set marketing to be council owned unless anyone wants it....? <Vorian> it's what the loco is really all about, right? <jacob> yeah, marketing aint too hard really <seisen> so what does the marketing team entail <tnseditor> I think everyone kinda markets anyways <Vorian> umm <Vorian> OLF <jacob> spreading ubuntu, handing out ohio loco business cards, events, etc <Vorian> Ubucon <Vorian> Press Releases <Vorian> viral marketing * seisen thinks <Vorian> etc... <jacob> if you blog a lot, this is for you <Vorian> I will be chillin with the guys of OLF this year <Delvien> thats cool Vorian <jacob> o rly? <Vorian> and gal <seisen> I don't have a blog currently but I thought about creating one <Delvien> jacob im thinking.. <jacob> heh heh heh <Vorian> seisen: wordpress, it's free and not stupid like (blogspot) * Vorian hides <jacob> just throwing this out there: ubuntu members have blogs on planet.ubuntu.com <Delvien> true <Vorian> mwahaha <Vorian> but! <jacob> idk how connected that is with anything.... but y'know ;) <Vorian> there is an agregation service for any ubuntu user <jacob> ubuntu-users <jacob> but the planet is where it's at, eh? <Vorian> aye <Vorian> hold on, let me get a link <jacob> think of it this way <Vorian> http://ubuntuweblogs.org/ <jacob> if you do any sort of marketing people will remember you when using ubuntu <Vorian> http://ubuntuweblogs.org/submit.html <Vorian> and, I have connections with the UWN if you need an article with publicity <jacob> *cough* boredandbloggin <Delvien> Since seisen has education, and tnseditor isnt saying anything about me wanting communication :P Ill put a vote in for me being marketing. <jacob> where did he go btw... haven't seen him on irc for a while <tnseditor> hello <Vorian> he hang out in our secret ubuntu-us-* channel :) <jacob> hello <jacob> hehe <tnseditor> I've been on a router hunt :-p <Delvien> tnseditor what say you ? <jacob> oh duh boredandbloggin is second on the channel list <jacob> lol <tnseditor> (I can't let this go, can I) :-p <tnseditor> trying to figure out which one he bought <tnseditor> I have come up with a dlink for $80 and a Linksys for $100 <seisen> Devien if you want education you can have it and I will do marketing or ...... <jacob> hehe tnseditor should be a politician <Delvien> tnseditor So how do we settle this, I want communication, and you do. <tnseditor> maybe co-leaders? <tnseditor> I really wouldn't mind that <jacob> you *could,* but LP still requires one person to be the team "owner" <Delvien> isnt it a one man job? <jacob> here's another thing <jacob> the ohio loco forum isn't that active anyway... so it ain't like there's much to do in there :P <jacob> (not that it can't be active however) <tnseditor> it used to be <Delvien> K make me marketing then to make it easy <Delvien> unless someone has an objection? <tnseditor> maybe we could have new topics <jacob> Delvien: nope, none here <tnseditor> Delvien, that is fine :-) <Delvien> good, now I have to learn how to blog lol <tnseditor> hahaha <tnseditor> have fun :-p <jacob> so right now we have Delvien as marketing, tnseditor as communication, and seisen as education, correct? <tnseditor> yep <jacob> theidiotthatisme: you haven't said much; any thoughts? <theidiotthatisme> I have a lot going on sorry :-( <jacob> np <theidiotthatisme> So it's hard to keep up with the meeting <Delvien> jacob that works out perfect too, because ill be handling the cds too <jacob> most important theidiotthatisme is the lines in [21:00] <Delvien> redundant statement ftw, <jacob> hehe <jacob> good point Delvien <theidiotthatisme> jacob: I dont have timestamps :-P <jacob> ack <theidiotthatisme> But I got who's who :-P <jacob> ok then <Delvien> who's who? we arent in a Lotus Note database <Delvien> dubya tee eff <jacob> i'll transfer communication to tnseditor and contact dan buch to transfer marketing to Delvien <tnseditor> ok <Delvien> ah <Delvien> meatballhat right? <jacob> theidiotthatisme whenever you have time go ahead and set Delvien for marketing owner <jacob> yup <seisen> yep <Delvien> does he respond? <jacob> theidiotthatisme: sorry not marketing, education <Delvien> I know he hasnt been on for a while <jacob> Delvien: yeah, i talked to him a few days ago <jacob> he uses my hosting service :D <tnseditor> :-) <theidiotthatisme> I forgot I was even on marketing, but I dont think I'm owner, I'm owner of Education ;) <jacob> right, yeah :P <jacob> that one <jacob> actually hold on theidiotthatisme <jacob> i said this wrong <seisen> so he would need to set me up as education owner <jacob> transfer education to seisen * Delvien is downloading IBM symphony, new beta for IBMs word / ooo take <jacob> not Delvien, he /is/ marketing <seisen> jacob I think you partied too much new years, lol <jacob> lol <Delvien> I definitely did.... I called off work today to finish recovering <jacob> we all started running down the driveway at new years eve banging pots and pans <seisen> omg' <jacob> mind you this is a 1/4 mile driveway and it was pitch black <tnseditor> WOW <jacob> singing "let's wake up the neighbors" from wkyk <tnseditor> :-p <jacob> lol <jacob> aaannnnnnnnnyyyyyyywwwwwwaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy................... <jacob> Delvien: do you have a hosting account of your own? <Delvien> no :x <jacob> Delvien: no prob, i'll get ya set up <Delvien> yay <jacob> Delvien: used wordpress at all? <Delvien> no :x <jacob> hehe <Delvien> learning experience for me <jacob> then i'll show you a bit o that as well <Delvien> kk <jacob> http://fosswire.com <- wordpress site <jacob> </plug> <jacob> tnseditor: i'll get you the keys to SSH on the webserver <jacob> tnseditor: used drupal much? <tnseditor> no <tnseditor> but I can learn :-) <jacob> it isn't too hard <tnseditor> ok <seisen> how much does it cost to host a blog anyway, I know wordpress is free but.... <jacob> i'll show you that too <tnseditor> Jacobs going to be busy <Delvien> hey theidiotthatisme you have 1 computer to share between the both of you yes? <jacob> seisen: i can host a blog for you if you want * jacob goes ssh crazy <jacob> in fact if anyone in here wants to host a blog/small website, i can give you an account w/ ohio.ubuntu-us.org subdomain (or on another domain) for free <seisen> nice <jacob> you can have... 500 meg of space + 5gb of bandwidth/month <jacob> just don't kill the server ;) <tnseditor> :-p * Delvien just bulletproofed his servers ssh <Delvien> jacob me pls <jacob> subdomains you can pick from: *.ohio.ubuntu-us.org *.codechunk.net *.evura.com etc <Delvien> jacob or whatever you were wanting to give me <Phoenix301_> that sounds neat, but i would probably kill my 500 megs of space like none other, especially with all my graphics stuff <Delvien> jacob code chunk prz <jacob> hehe <Delvien> love the code chunk name <jacob> hehe <Delvien> How is Lotus Symphony different? <Delvien> You're in charge! Lotus Symphony is based on the Open Document Format (ODF) standard-which means you're not locked into proprietary file formats, software licensing agreements and upgrades. Finally, free tools and freedom of choice! <tnseditor> yay!!! <Delvien> I like IBM just a little more everyday <jacob> ack i'll post details on that hosting thing in the forum <jacob> hehe <Delvien> ok jacob, thanks <jacob> well, maybe not, because then a billion people will sign up for it.. <jacob> i'll contact y'all about it <Delvien> k , you have my addy, so <Delvien> Ok, <Delvien> So what are our other topics? <jacob> idk :P <jacob> well, that's that <tnseditor> so, meet in another 2 weeks? <jacob> sure <tnseditor> ok <Delvien> Sounds good