Welcome to the New Member's Page!

This page is designed to be a short introduction to Ubuntu Ohio so that new members can quickly become familiar with our structure, processes, and quirks. First, a short LoCo FAQ.

What is a LoCo Team?

A LoCo Team is a Local Community of (in our case) Ubuntu users. A LoCo can involve a lot of things such as local promoting, support in the local language, general support to local users and much more. Most importantly however, it lets people find other Ubuntu users near them!

Why should I join a LoCo team?

There are lots of benefits and fun to be had getting involved with a LoCo team, not only in terms of spreading awareness about Ubuntu, but also helping to develop free software in your community, improve Ubuntu and more. For more details see the LoCoTeamJoining page.

See the LoCoFAQ page for even more information.

Key Thing To Remember For Joining Ubuntu Ohio

It is a requirement for joining Ubuntu Ohio that you sign the Ubuntu Code of Conduct. This can be done via Launchpad. Documentation is available to ease this initial step to ensure you are an enfranchised part of the social community.

One may also use this program to sign it.

Ubuntu Ohio

Ubuntu Ohio focuses on distributing, advertising, and demonstrating Ubuntu in the state of Ohio. Through expansion of our projects, we focus on the areas of schools, businesses, and home users.

Here are the Ubuntu Ohio's many links and their respective explanations:

Wiki Page: The wiki is where Ubuntu Ohio keeps documentation.

Website-This is the place where we will be keeping some of the more generic content intended to be "publicized", like team news (in blog form!) and event information.

Forum: The forums are the place for extended discussion by the team. Currently our forum is not very active so more contributions are helpful.

Mailing List: The mailing list is used much like the forums, for quicker discussion and dissemination of team news, although it is more support-oriented than the forums.

LaunchPad: Our LaunchPad site is used by some members for keeping track of projects in the development stage. As a new member though, don't worry about it too much, right now LP is mostly used for keeping track of how many members we have.

Podcast: The podcast for our team is named the Burning Circle in recognition of a major river within our team's territory, the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland, that caught fire multiple times in the 20th century.