This is the Oklahoma State LoCo Wiki. This is the site for the Ubunteros of Oklahoma! The Oklahoma LoCo is an Ubuntu focused Linux Users Group. Participating in a LoCo team is an exciting, challenging and rewarding experience. When you become active with your LoCo team you have the potential to really help develop Ubuntu and advocate its use in your community. Digital Freedom, and subsequently GNU/Linux, Free Software, and Free Formats, has a lot to gain from Local Communities. We encourage everyone to participate, and help spread Ubuntu in the state of Oklahoma.

If you have even the slightest interest in joining, or just helping out, please contact us. Please feel free to join the Team Mailing list, or look around the forums. There is also usually someone hanging out in the IRC, our channel is #ubuntu-us-ok on irc.freenode.net:8001. We also have regular meetings in the IRC room as well.


  1. Educate
    • Teach the public about Ubuntu, Open Source, and Free Software
  2. Promote
    • Advocate Ubuntu to groups like schools, libraries, families, businesses, etc.
  3. Supply
    • Provide supplies and information for getting Ubuntu
  4. Support
    • Offer local support for getting and using Ubuntu
  5. Contribute
    • Help produce official documentation, work on bug reports, and develop and package software.

Oklahoma LUG's

OKC Lugnuts
Oklahoma Linux SIG
Tulsa LUG


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