Team meetings are organized for members to discuss plans, ideas, goals, projects, funding, concerns, etc. regarding the Ubuntu community

When & Where

Next Team Meeting: 7:30pm CST January, 1st 2009

The Oklahoma Team Meetings are open to the public. We welcome any and all visitors. It will take place in #ubuntu-us-ok on FreeNode.


Feel free to add anything you think needs to be discussed, or any ideas you might have for the group.

Ubuntu Saturday Sale OKC/Tulsa
Ubuntu Installfest
Ubuntu Gaining Approved Status
Ubuntu Member Information Added to Wiki
Ubuntu Help team members interested in triaging bugs and setting their computer up for the 5-a-day program. As more team members start triaging congratulate members on their 5-a-day stats.
Ubuntu Discuss the progress of the Linux/Ubuntu presentation materials. The materials include but are not limited to the script for the talk, the presentation slides, and a handout/brochure to give out at talks.
Ubuntu Set up "Ubuntu Pick Up Stations" at libraries, retailers, ect.. where people can get a free CD along with some additional information to show people how Ubuntu can do everything they were doing on Windows.
Ubuntu Community Outreach Team. Start relationships with local non profits, public schools, and businesses. Encourage them to transition to Ubuntu and provide support as they do. Look at whatPennsylvania LoCo Outreach has done.
Ubuntu A fund-raiser to buy computer(s) for underprivileged Oklahoma kids. Start an Email fund-raiser asking for $5 to $10. Use the money to buy a OLPC XO computer or possibly a decent used computer. Another possibility is to encourage people to donate their used computers for us to redistribute with Ubuntu. We could publicize the obvious benefit of open source/free software to underprivileged kids and the opportunity it affords them that they might not normally get. Through press releases and local media coverage use the publicity and credibility to solicit more substantial donations and incrementally grow the project.
Ubuntu Other Suggestions and Ideas


Ubuntu These are slides for the Linux presentation. It is a work in progress. LinuxPresentationOKLoco.odp



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