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About me

I live near Stuttgart in Germany and work as an IT Consultant.
I have a degree in Medical Informatics.
I am married since 2005.

I started using Linux in 1995 using "SuSE April 1995". After that I used Unifix and switched to RedHat then. Today I use Fedora and Ubuntu on several Workstations at home and at work.

I did the first distribution port for 64 Bit Linux on zSeries based on RedHat 7.x in 2001 for SAP Application Server Pilot. This distribution was named ThinkBlue/64 and we stopped supporting it when SLES 8 on zSeries was certified by SAP.

I did several projects and studies on Desktop Linux, server consolidation on zSeries or mainframe migration.


My main project is zUbuntu, the zSeries port of Ubuntu Server Edition.

Since Debian only has a 31 bit port (s390) with a few 64 bit packages (-s390x) we decided to have zUbuntu based on 64 Bit (s390x) and add some compat libraries for 31 bit (-s390).


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