Welcome to my Ubuntu Wiki Page !

My name is Olivier Prieur, aka "mumbly". I'm a French Ubuntu user since summer 2005 and a Linux user since january 2000. I live in the west Burgundy area in a small city called Cosne Cours sur Loire, in the department of Nièvre (58) http://www.mairie-cosnesurloire.fr. I'm a "social worker"...

If you want to contact me :

  • IRC server : irc.freenode.net, #freetorrent, #ubuntu-fr-classroom, #ubuntu-fr ... and find mumbly.
  • MSN Messenger : olivierprieur777 AT msn.com
  • Mail : mumbly_58 at yahoo.fr

Feel free to visite my Ubuntu/Gnu Linux blog : http://www.mumblyworld.Info

Please a look at http://www.freetorrent.fr : freetorrent.fr is a french free (libre) and opensource bittorrent tracker for free (libre) stuff ONLY ! (as http://www.legaltorrents.com/ but in french)

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