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I have started Czech Ubuntu pages at www.ubuntu.cz and gathered small
LoCo CzechTeam doing translations from offical Ubuntu pages and other stuff.

I also run archive.ubuntu.cz and release.ubuntu.cz mirrors for long time,
I have started them shortly after Warty was out.

I also translate Ubuntu Security Notices and publish them on webpage www.ubuntu.cz.

For Breezy I want to focus on coordinating translations to Czech, coordinating stuff with Debian L10N Team and doing proper QA in cs_CZ for next release.

I focus on promoting Ubuntu in Czech Republic. Ubuntu Czech is member of OSS Aliance (organization for promoting use of open and free software in government, school, etc. - www.oss.cz).

I have started CD distribution point with cooperation of CZLUG,
we send Ubuntu CDs for free to people in Czech Republic.

I am also long term Debian Developer (from 2000), member of Debian GNOME team, Debian PHP team.

Ondřej Surý

Email: MailTo(ondrej@sury.org)

IRC: ondrej @ GIMPNet, ondrej @ Freenode

GPG fingerprint: CC91 8F02 8CDE 911A 933F AE52 F4E6 6A7C C20D F273


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