Ensemble brings together rapid provisioning with service orchestration. Orchestra is a set of tools to make provisioning easy on Ubuntu. This leads to the natural conclusion that Ensemble should be able to take advantage of Orchestra to do service orchestration across private, physical hardware.

Release Note

Included in the Ubuntu Orchestra project is a set of tools to enable usage of the Ensemble Service Orchestration system to rapidly deploy services onto physical servers running Ubuntu.


Ensemble helps users deploy applications on Ubuntu. Orchestra helps users deploy Ubuntu itself. The combination of the two should mean users are presented with a very straightforward path to deploying applications rapidly on their own infrastructure.

User stories

As a systems administrator I want to empower my staff to deploy applications as needed without giving up control of the infrastructure.

As a CFO, I want to be able to take advantage of existing I.T. infrastructure for open source service deployment rather than pay ongoing costs to an IaaS provider.



Orchestra & Openstack

Since ensemble cannot currently drive Cobbler directly, it should be made very easy to deploy Openstack with Orchestra. This means deploying using Cobbler and configuring it with either basic cloud-init rules or possibly something else like Puppet. We'd like to do this with Ensemble, so nothing should be done to preclude that. This also has residual benefits for users who just want Openstack and aren't interested in Ensemble directly.

Once OpenStack is deployed, Ensemble will see it as just another EC2/AWS API to drive.


Automatic Simple Bootstrap of OpenStack

The exact tool is TBD based on prototyping with cloud-config and puppet. If Ensemble grows cobbler machine provider support then that will also be considered, but seems unlikely at this time. A set of pre-seeds and a tutorial on how to setup each different required piece (nova, swift, etc) will be created.

Once Openstack is setup, we need to have comparable EC2 machine types and AMI's available, so this should be setup as a component of a package that is installed on the nodes to make it easier.

Document Procedure in Orchestra

Deploying OpenStack should be as automatic as possible, but several steps will be needed.

Test/Demo Plan


Unresolved issues


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