• Add your feedback like this w/o the bold, and then use the @SIG@ at the end of your line, look at the first post for reference

  • Any serious issue should be still submitted as a bug!


  • Add your comments here! -- -- claydoh 2011-09-01 00:55:28

  • Please add a network proxy question to the installer. I used the desktop install, but proceeded to installation rather than trying it out on the live CD. This didn't ask for a possible proxy at all.
  • It'd be nice if you guys announced things less technically, even for betas. This is part of advertising. Tell me why I want it and what I'm getting, then how to get it. Here's a suggestion,
    • "Updates from the KDE community: updated looks, updated mail, calendar, and contact (PIM) apps, updated music player Amarok! "
    • "Also we are very excited to present you with a means to test the new desktop effects backend that brings more compatible, faster, and more stable desktop effects. Just install PACKAGE. Read more HERE to learn more about this feature, brought to you by developer Martin Grasslin."
    • "From the Kubuntu Team: Muon Software Center, and for those advanced users, the Muon Package Manager!"
    • "Download for PC here link"
    • "Download Mac Optimised version here link"
    • Maybe you should talk about packaging stories - difficulties in getting software to Kubuntu, stories on developing for this release (maybe hold off for final release). Make the release notes human and personable, basically. I can volunteer to help with the final announcement.

  • Installer of alpha3 image crashed while removing unnecessary packages at the end. Ok, it's an alpha, but an installer crash is very poor quality. Anyway, I could run the new installed system after rebooting by Ctrl+Alt+F1 console. I am annoyed that a bug from KDE 4.6 is still not fixed after more than half a year: Display brightness is not set on KDE startup as it was done in KDE <4.6... I am using an Acer Aspire 8943G notebook. Workaround is to setup display brightness manually in KDE's power management settings. Seems as I'll continue using classic Ubuntu where I switched to, when KDE 4.6 was released...

    • -- p1703 2011-09-02

* Kubuntu as such is a usal, Kmail2 is a desaster and not ready for productive use. Since I do not expect those issues to be fixed until Kubuntu release I would not recommend to release Kmail2 with Oneric. Import of old mails and sentings went through ok, but: - Only mails in the folders of the main hierachy were shown. I could not find any wrong setting. I setup the the account with the same settings and it works now. But: Sending of emails does not work although settings seem fine (kmail2 seemingly does not even try to send them). Then Kmail2 generally slow (it takes time on a state of the art machine to actually load mails from a folder). Then system folders (Inbox, Trash, Drafts, Templates, Spam) are not localised and do not appear on top of the folder list and are also not localised into German (the missing localisation only appears as a problem of IMAP, not with local folders). Then the imported old folder structure of the old kmail appears to eat up so much cpu and memory so that I had to remove it). I am very much a fan of the idea behind Akonadi, but the akonadified Kmail is really not ready for use. I would really like to be able to update to Oneric in oder to receive KDE 4.7 (and then 4.8)-updates, but if Oneric includes mandatory Kmail2, it will be a no-go. --mark-wege

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