This page is for tracking those issues that are considered by the respective product owners as MUST FIX.


Server: Openstack Nova non-shared storage live migration enablement via the Openstack juju charm - We're working on this at the moment. Not tied to archive freeze dates, as the charm exists out of archive.

Desktop: Fixed Released Darken indicator bar (in greeter). Done, need exception to be approved by docs team due to UI implications.

Foundations: Proper, polished language selection in Qin images.


Server: Fixed Released- The 'enrollment' support is still waiting to land on the ISO. That is a priority for this week (trying to get it through the Archive review queue).

Server: (OpenStack Nova) In Progress - - console.log grows indefinitely (security concern, as an untrusted guest instance can kill the host). Robie is working on this at the moment, and has a proof of concept fix. Should land hopefully before Wednesday. libvirt dependency has been Fixed Released by 9/28

Server: Fix Released User Warning printed on import pkg_resources' - Cosmetic bug of seeing crappy warnings that shouldn't be there on nearly everything which uses python (only visible if paste (openstack depends) is installed)

Server: Confirmed - James Hunt HP DL380G5 root disk mounted read-only on boot and boot fails - bug title doesn't reflect the importance. There seems to be a udev race on many hardware examples, causing failure to boot. James Hunt (Foundations) is tackling this at the moment.

Server: Invalid/?? cobbler kickstart metadata dont affect ubuntu preseed - seems not possible to use template expansion for debian style preseeds. We're check today to see if this is valid and how likely we'll be able to resolve before release.

Foundations: Confirmed - James Hunt udev race in cloud initramfs causes boot failures

Foundations: Confirmed - Steve Langasek boot failure: can't open /root/dev/console: no such file

Foundations: Confirmed - ?? net-update verification checking insecure (affects the ability to activate ppas securely on all releases; could have it via -updates, but better if this is working at release time)

Desktop: gnome-desktop Fix Released, unity/compiz Won't Fix Max GL Texture size can break multi-head

Desktop: Triaged - Robert Ansell Greeter not displayed correctly on multi monitor setup

Desktop: Fix Released (oneiric) wired connection unnaturally slow

Desktop: Fix Released gnome-settings-daemon crashed with SIGSEGV in g_simple_async_result_complete()

Known Issues

Server: Doc's are seriously lacking a refresh. I expected this would be an issue going into this cycle due to all the new features and changes. I think we can live with this for 11.10, but will need real focus in 12.04.

Desktop: Power consumption known regressions. Will be addressed in LTS

Desktop: Boot speed saw improvements late in Oneiric, though will be further addressed in LTS

Desktop: Text-Free Boot/Flicker-Free Boot saw improvements late in Oneiric, though will be further addressed in LTS.

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