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= OpenOffice2 =  * '''Launchpad Entry''':
 * '''Created''': [[Date(2005-10-27T19:48:22Z)]] by JaneWeideman
 * '''Contributors''': JaneWeideman, MatthiasKlose
 * '''Packages affected''':
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== Status == == Old Metadata ==

Old Metadata


Determine the version, which builds with build tools from main on all release architectures and ships on the breezy desktop.


The version in hoary (1.1.3) will be outdated by the breezy release date. Either switch to 1.1.4 or to 2.0.

Scope and Use Cases

We need it for the desktop. One stable version.


  • Go with 1.1.4:
    • Stable release.
    • Builds with free tools.
    • Doesn't build on amd64 (hoary amd64 currently uses the i386 binaries).

(comment: yes, OOo isn't 64-bit clean; there is a 64-bit cws, but this is something that all distros suffer from)

  • Go with 2.0:
    • Release scheduled for June, recently a delay was announced (timeframe?).
    • Currently doesn't build with free tools. Needs evaluation with recent free java vm's and newer snapshots.

(comment: build's with gcc4+gcj)

  • Building without Java support doesn't seem an option. Components like Base (database), DocBook exporting, etc. rely on a Java runtime.

  • Better upstream report.
  • More translations will be ready upstream, less bugs in the translation tools/framework.
  • Doesn't build on amd64 (yet).

(comment: same as above; this is not a breaker)

  • Have a chance to integrate new translations.

Implementation Plan


  • Go with 1.1.4:
    • Update to 1.1.4 packages
  • Go with 2.0:
    • Update to recent milestone, after g++-4.0 is the default.
    • Update the existing translations (xh) for 2.0.
    • See OpenofficeLocalization for localization stuff.

    • native amd64 build?

(comment: not happening; might as well drop this)

  • move spell checking support to OOo2, or share spell checking support with OOo1.

Write a test plan, mainly for LocoTeams to test OOo for their language

  • Write one or more test documents, which can be used for testing fonts in documents
    • Each document should have a paragraph for one language with (all?) the local characters
    • Test document imports, which were created on Windows with other office products
    • Test document imports for documents created with OOo1 versions in warty and breezy.

Data Preservation and Migration

Packages Affected

User Interface Requirements

Outstanding Issues

  • 2.0:
    • The packagaging currently doesn't build all the language packs.
    • Spell checking needs to be integrated and/or separated out from OOo1.
    • amd64 builds
    • Handling of new translations.
    • Misc. bug fixing targeted for breezy

UDU BOF Agenda

  • OpenOffice default for Breezy (1.1.4, or 2.0)

  • Packaging and bug fixing assignments
  • Localization Work

UDU Pre-Work

  • OpenOffice 2.0 beta release on i386 and powerpc in hoary (without Java support, english only).

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