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 * '''Packages affected''':

== Old Metadata ==

 * Created: 2005-04-26 by MatthiasKlose
 * Priority: HighPriority
 * People: MatthiasKloseLead, DanielHolbachSecond
 * Contributors: MattZimmerman, MarkShuttleworth
 * Interested: ColinCharles
 * Status: DraftSpecification, BreezyGoal, MatthiasKloseQueue, DanielHolbachQueue, SimonSharwoodQueue, DistroSpecification
 * Branch:
 * Malone Bug:
 * Packages:
 * Depends: OpenOfficeLocalisation
 * Dependents:
 * UduSessions: 1, 4, 8, etc
 * '''Packages affected''':*, openoffice.org2-*
 * '''Depends''': OpenOfficeGnome, OpenOffice64, OpenOfficeL10n, OpenOfficeHelp
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Determine the Open`` version, which builds with build tools from main on all release architectures and ships on the breezy desktop. Informal spec, consisting of
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== Rationale ==  * OpenOfficeGnome
 * OpenOffice64
 * OpenOfficeL10n
 * OpenOfficeHelp
 * OpenOfficeTesting
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The Open`` version in hoary (1.1.3) will be outdated by the breezy release date. Either switch to 1.1.4 or to 2.0.

== Scope and Use Cases ==

We need it for the desktop. One stable version.


 * Go with 1.1.4:
   * Stable release.
   * Builds with free tools.
   * Doesn't build on amd64 (hoary amd64 currently uses the i386 binaries).

'''(comment: yes, OOo isn't 64-bit clean; there is a 64-bit cws, but this is something that all distros suffer from)'''

 * Go with 2.0:
   * Release scheduled for June, recently a delay was announced (timeframe?).
   * Currently doesn't build with free tools. Needs evaluation with recent free java vm's and newer snapshots.
'''(comment: build's with gcc4+gcj)'''
   * Building without Java support doesn't seem an option. Components like Base (database), DocBook exporting, etc. rely on a Java runtime.
   * Better upstream report.
   * More translations will be ready upstream, less bugs in the translation tools/framework.
   * Doesn't build on amd64 (yet).
'''(comment: same as above; this is not a breaker)'''
   * Have a chance to integrate new translations.

== Implementation Plan ==


 * Go with 1.1.4:
   * Update to 1.1.4 packages

 * Go with 2.0:
   * Update to recent milestone, after g++-4.0 is the default.
   * Update the existing translations (xh) for 2.0.
   * See OpenofficeLocalization for localization stuff.
   * native amd64 build?
'''(comment: not happening; might as well drop this)'''
   * move spell checking support to OOo2, or share spell checking support with OOo1.

Write a test plan, mainly for LocoTeams to test OOo for their language

 * Write one or more test documents, which can be used for testing fonts in documents
   * Each document should have a paragraph for one language with (all?) the local characters
   * Test document imports, which were created on Windows with other office products
   * Test document imports for documents created with OOo1 versions in warty and breezy.

=== Data Preservation and Migration ===

=== Packages Affected ===

=== User Interface Requirements ===

== Outstanding Issues ==

 * 2.0:
   * The packagaging currently doesn't build all the language packs.
   * Spell checking needs to be integrated and/or separated out from OOo1.
   * amd64 builds
   * Handling of new translations.
   * Misc. bug fixing targeted for breezy

=== UDU BOF Agenda ===

 * OpenOffice default for Breezy (1.1.4, or 2.0)
 * Packaging and bug fixing assignments
 * Localization Work

=== UDU Pre-Work ===

 * OpenOffice 2.0 beta release on i386 and powerpc in hoary (without Java support, english only).
Add other open issues / todo's to this page until a specification is created.
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Informal spec, consisting of

Add other open issues / todo's to this page until a specification is created.


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