The aim is to create an OpenOffice icon set that integrates well with the Ubuntu Human icon theme. It should use as many icons as possible. Check out the spec page on Launchpad.


OpenOffice still uses icons based on the deprecated GNOME Icon theme. Ubuntu uses the Human icon theme. Default GNOME doesn't even use these old icons anymore; they are in the process of Tango-izing their icon set. A new Human-based icon set is needed.


The icons in OpenOffice stick out like a sore thumb. It is easier make KOffice look integrated that OpenOffice.

Use cases

Jacob is a new user to Ubuntu. He is irritated by the fact that OpenOffice uses different icons for folders than any of the other programs





  • I think we should take a more general aproach here and implement theming support for oo.o. This is especially important in terms of accessibility (hight contrast theme). This way we wouldn't have to mantain everey theme in parallel. Therefore we would have to upgrade the theming spec to include all of oo.o's icons (or provide fallbacks). This solution would be more generic and would enable all themes that are in ubuntu for oo.o, although this would be much harder to achieve and would be the long term solution. --AndreRuediger

    • Sounds great, except that OpenOffice has so many icons that are not included in regular icon themes. What do we do about those? --Munchkinguy

      • That should work the same way as in other apps. A standard (Tango-style) icon set should be installed with OO.o but can be overridden by the curently selected theme. Suse has a Tango like icon set, but I doubt that it can currently be overridden by other themes. An extended icon naming spec for office applications similar to the Art Libre Set that can be shared between applications (OO.o, Abiword, gNumeric...) would be ideal. -AndreRuediger


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