Update/Package the hyphenation/spellchecking/thesaurus packages for 2.0


Not all packages are updated for 2.0. Hyphenation patterns are not packaged at all.


Dictionaries and thesaurus packages are packaged as single packages. The hypenation files are so small (< 5k) that packaging them each in a single binary package clutters the archives too much.

Where the license allows merging the dictionary and the hypenation patterns, package them together in the myspell-<language code> package. Create two catchall packages oo-hypenation and oo-hyphenation-non-free for all other hyphenation patterns.

The feature to download dictionaries from the OOo web site should be used as a fallback only.


See above.

  • All the hypenation code/data provided by upstream needs to be scanned for copyright issues. One known problem is hyphenation code derived from LateX (GPL), which is relicensed with no notice/reason. This should go into multiverse.
  • dictionaries-common supports installing the hyphenation patterns as well. The same implementation as for dictionary installation can be used.
  • Currently, 1.1.x compatible packages which cannot be upgraded for 2.0 have to be removed -- parallel installation of thesaurus packages for 1.1.x and 2.0 is not supported.


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