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The ooqs-* packages no longer exist in Dapper. However, you can easily enable the built-in quickstarter in 2 via the application preferences.


Tools > Options > Memory

and check the box for

Load during system start-up.

The quickstarter will automatically run the next time is started.

Alternatively, add a Startup Program in your Sessions preferences:

ooffice -quickstart -nologo -nodefault


Setting some memory settings give a serious speed improvement from the default Feisty Ubuntu installation:

  • Open Word Processor

  • Go to Tools -> Options -> Memory

  • Set the following values:
    • Number of steps: 30
    • Use for 128 MB

    • Memory per object: 20 MB
    • Number of objects: 20

Spellcheck languages

It's possible to install extra languages for OpenOffice through the myspell-* packages:

sudo apt-get install myspell-da
  • Voila! You might have to restart OpenOffice in order for it to recognize it.