The Ubuntu OpenStack team uses the deploy from source capability of the OpenStack charms (openstack-origin-git) to ensure the charms work with the latest upstream master branch code.

Deploying from Source

When the charms are deployed with the openstack-origin-git=master config option, they will clone, and pip install from, master branches of core OpenStack projects from github. On each unit, the corresponding core git repositories can be found under /mnt/openstack-git. Additionally, all services are run in a virtualenv, located under /mnt/openstack-git/venv.

The charms that support openstack-origin-git are: cinder, glance, keystone, openstack-dashboard, nova*, and neutron*. Any other charms that are part of the deployment, and don't support openstack-origin-git, are deployed in their usual way from the latest supported release.

Daily Results

The charm CI system (osci) deploys OpenStack from master once daily. The results of daily deploys can be reviewed at:

You can also request daily results be emailed to you (check with beisner).

The bundle that is used for these deploys is located at:

Daily CI Rotation

The following team members are responsible for investigating/fixing any CI failures on the day of the week they've signed up for.







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