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|| James (james-page) || Sahid (sahid-ferdjaoui) || || Corey (coreycb) || || || James (james-page) || Chris (icey) || || Corey (coreycb) || ||

Filing A Bug

If you come across any issues please report bugs using the 'ubuntu-bug' tool:

sudo ubuntu-bug nova-conductor

This will ensure that bugs get filed in the right place in Launchpad.

Bug Triage

Bug triage for OpenStack packages follows the Ubuntu Bug Triage process.

Listing Bugs

Package bugs for OpenStack may be opened against individual projects or against the Ubuntu Cloud Archive.

Bug Triage Rotation

Each of the OpenStack team members have a day of the week when they spend some time focusing on bug triage.






James (james-page)

Chris (icey)

Corey (coreycb)

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