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 * [[|Rocky Version Tracker]]
 * [[|Queens Version Tracker]]
 * [[|Pike Version Tracker]]
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 * [[|Newton Version Tracker]]
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 * [[|Liberty Version Tracker]]
 * [[|Kilo Version Tracker]]

Ubuntu OpenStack Version Tracking

Ubuntu and Openstack release a new version every six months at approximately the same time. Every release of OpenStack is available in the Ubuntu Archive of the Ubuntu release that it corresponds with, and is also backported and available in the prior Ubuntu LTS release via the Ubuntu Cloud Archive (UCA). For more details on this, see OpenStack Cloud Archive.

Version tracking reports are continuously published for each OpenStack release, showing the current package versions that are available for the corresponding Ubuntu release and those that are available for the prior Ubuntu LTS release via UCA pockets:

The columns in these reports show the current package version for:

  1. Corresponding Ubuntu release (ie. released or updates pocket)
  2. UCA staging PPA - used for staging packages updates (add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-cloud-archive/newton-staging)
  3. UCA proposed pocket - used for testing package updates (add-apt-repository cloud-archive:newton-proposed)
  4. UCA updates pocket - released packages (add-apt-repository cloud-archive:newton).

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