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=== Software Summary ===
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=== Software Summary ===


A team for anyone using Ubuntu to study with the Open University.

The team also develops and supports Ubuntu packages for OU course software.


You can join and stay in touch with the team via

How to Contribute

Bug reports, development, packaging, support, advocacy and feature requests are all needed.


Elluminate 9.7

Software Summary

Elluminate Live! version 9.7 is a virtual environment built to help with learning and academia scenarios. It is designed to accommodate anything between two to two hundred learners and teachers for communication, collaboration, and education. This is done through the features and facets available with the application of which include chat boxes, interactive whiteboard, and microphone communcation. For further information please follow this link

Launchpad Membership Policy

The team is moderated, to reduce spam but if you're a real person at the OU then I'll approve you!


Sub-pages :


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