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Explore the tools that exists in the opensource world for managing servers

Seems to have a lack of open standards support in the open source tools at this point



wikipdia list of system management tools

  • nagios
  • zenoss - based on Zope
    • Provides inventory of systems
    • needs *a lot* of packaging work (it adds 'NOPASSWD' to sudoers)
    • there is an attempt on Debian side to package it
    • licensing issues (lots of files without license)
    • history graphing
  • cricket
  • zabbix
  • OpenNMS

Patching & package management

Not yet comprehensive in the foss area

  • RHN (not foss) is quite good
  • Landscape (idem)


Service level configuration. Usually done through scripting but lacks auditing, undoing

  • cfengine2 (in universe)
    • very powerfull
    • revision control
  • puppet (in universe)
    • lacks documentation/examples
    • complex to use
  • netdirector
    • more work on the useability
    • bad licence, changing to GPL soon
    • plugin based
    • edition of config files
    • time based modifications (incl reporting)

    • RBAC by plugin within the tool



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