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/* Note: I (Azendale) try to keep this table organized the following way:
First, everything is grouped by city. The city with the most members comes first. If city groups are the same size + in Oregon, they are aphabetically list by city name.
Inside the city groups, members are aphabetically organized by their last name.
The goal of this sorting method is to make it as easy as possible to find other people in your area to have real live events with. :)
If you list an email address in this table, you can hide it from non-logged in users using the method at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HelpOnMacros/MailTo . Basically, use the <<MailTo(Firstname DOT Lastname AT example DOT net)>> format. */
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||||||||[[https://launchpad.net/~bkerensa|Benjamin Kerensa]]||Team Lead ||Portland, OR||bkerensa@Ubuntu.com||[[https://launchpad.net/~bkerensa|bkerensa]]||
||||||||Aaron Albright||Team Player||Portland, OR||ke7ezt@gmail.com|| Kalosaurusrex ||
||||||||TK Goldenbaum||Team Player||Portland, OR||tkg@pdx.edu|| GatewayTom ||
||||||||Rick Hale||Team Player||Portland, OR||rickh57@gmail.com|| ||
||||||||[[https://launchpad.net/~bkerensa|Benjamin Kerensa]]||Team Lead ||Portland, OR||<<MailTo(bkerensa AT Ubuntu DOT com)>>||[[https://launchpad.net/~bkerensa|bkerensa]]||
||||||||Aaron Albright||Team Player||Portland, OR||<<MailTo(ke7ezt AT gmail DOT com)>>|| Kalosaurusrex ||
||||||||TK Goldenbaum||Team Player||Portland, OR||<<MailTo(tkg AT pdx DOT edu)>>|| GatewayTom ||
||||||||Rick Hale||Team Player||Portland, OR||<<MailTo(rickh57 AT gmail DOT com)>>|| ||
.net/~thefinn93|Finn Herzfeld]]||Team Player ||Bothell, WA||<<MailTo(thefinn93 AT thefinn93 DOT com)>>||[[https://launchpad.net/~thefinn93|thefinn93]]||
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||||||||David Kaplan||Team Player||Portland, OR||davek7@gmail.com||vinoman||
|||||||| [[https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kb0odu|Tim Bruce]]||Team Player||Aloha, OR|| tim@tbruce.com [[http://www.tbruce.com|Tim's Website]]|| [[https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kb0odu|kb0odu]] ||
||||||||LordDicranius||Team Player||Aloha, OR||lorddicranius@gmail.com||LordDicranius||
||||||||[[http://wiki.ubuntu.com/mylesbooth|MylesBooth]]||Team Scribe||Beaverton, OR||parkour86@gmail.com|| [[http://wiki.ubuntu.com/mylesbooth|Parkour86]] ||
||||||||[[http://www.linuxsystems.net|Eric Peters]]||Team Player||Beaverton, OR||eric@linuxsystems.net|| [[http://www.linuxsystems.net|Styles]] ||
||||||||RyanC2||Team Player||West Linn, OR||ryan.catlin@gmail.com|| beirut ||
||||||||David Kaplan||Team Player||Portland, OR||<<MailTo(davek7 AT gmail DOT com)>>||vinoman||
||||||||[[http://wiki.ubuntu.com/mylesbooth|MylesBooth]]||Team Scribe||Beaverton, OR||<<MailTo(parkour86 AT gmail DOT com)>>|| [[http://wiki.ubuntu.com/mylesbooth|Parkour86]] ||
||||||||Brian Hellman||Team Player||Beaverton, OR||<<MailTo(brian AT linbit DOT com)>>||Brian_H||
||||||||[[http://www.linuxsystems.net|Eric Peters]]||Team Player||Beaverton, OR||<<MailTo(eric AT linuxsystems DOT net)>>|| [[http://www.linuxsystems.net|Styles]] ||
|||||||| [[https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kb0odu|Tim Bruce]]||Team Player||Aloha, OR|| <<MailTo(tim AT tbruce DOT com)>> [[http://www.tbruce.com|Tim's Website]]|| [[https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kb0odu|kb0odu]] ||
||||||||LordDicranius||Team Player||Aloha, OR||<<MailTo(lorddicranius AT gmail DOT com)>>||LordDicranius||
||||||||RyanC2||Team Player||West Linn, OR||<<MailTo(ryan DOT catlin AT gmail DOT com)>>|| beirut ||
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||||||||[[https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Azendale/|Erik Andersen]]||Team Player||Baker City, OR||erik.b.andersen [at] gmail.com|| Azendale ||
||||||||Dylan Mann||Team Player||Eugene, OR||dylan.mann@gmail.com|| ||
||||||||Cody Smith||Team Player ||Keizer, OR||cody.smith9202@gmail.com||C_Smith||
||||||||[[https://launchpad.net/~coonjt|Tracey Coon]]||Team Player||Klamath Falls, OR||coonjt@msn.com|| ||
||||||||ElectricShoes||Team Player||La Grande, OR||eklesp@gmail.com|| ElectricShoes ||
||||||||Randy Williamson||Team Player||!McMinnville, OR||ac7nj@arrl.net||ac7nj||
||||||||[[https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Azendale/|Erik Andersen]]||Team Player||Baker City, OR||<<MailTo(erik DOT b DOT andersen AT gmail.com)>>|| Azendale ||
||||||||Dylan Mann||Team Player||Eugene, OR||<<MailTo(dylan DOT mann AT gmail DOT com)>>|| ||
||||||||Cody Smith||Team Player ||Keizer, OR||<<MailTo(cody DOT smith9202 AT gmail DOT com)>>||C_Smith||
||||||||[[https://launchpad.net/~coonjt|Tracey Coon]]||Team Player||Klamath Falls, OR||<<MailTo(coonjt AT msn DOT com)>>|| ||
||||||||ElectricShoes||Team Player||La Grande, OR||<<MailTo(eklesp AT gmail DOT com)>>|| ElectricShoes ||
||||||||Randy Williamson||Team Player||!McMinnville, OR||<<MailTo(ac7nj AT arrl DOT net)>>||ac7nj||
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||||||||Nathan Williams||Team Player||Tanasbourne, OR||nathan at nathanewilliams.com||nathwill||
||||||||Daniel Polehn||Team Player||The Dalles, OR||dpolehn@gmail.com||dpolehn||
||||||||[[https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DanSmith|DanSmith]]||Team Player||Tigard, OR||j.daniel.smith1@gmail.com|| [[https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DanSmith|dsmith]] ||
||||||||WalterNeary||Team Player||Tillamook, OR||tiwake@gmail.com|| H264 ||
||||||||BrianMurray||Team Player||Camas, WA|| brian@ubuntu.com || bdmurray ||
||||||||MarkTerranova||Team Player ||Walnut Creek, CA||mark@gidgetkitchen.org||MarkDude||
||||||||[[https://launchpad.net/~thefinn93|Finn Herzfeld]]||Team Player ||Portland, OR||thefinn93@thefinn93.com||[[https://launchpad.net/~thefinn93|thefinn93]]||
||||||||Brian Hellman||Team Player||Beaverton, OR||brian@linbit.com||Brian_H||
||||||||Nathan Williams||Team Player||Tanasbourne, OR||<<MailTo(nathan AT nathanewilliams DOT com)>>||nathwill||
||||||||Daniel Polehn||Team Player||The Dalles, OR||<<MailTo(dpolehn AT gmail DOT com)>>||dpolehn||
||||||||[[https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DanSmith|DanSmith]]||Team Player||Tigard, OR||<<MailTo(j DOT daniel DOT smith1 AT gmail DOT com)>>|| [[https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DanSmith|dsmith]] ||
||||||||WalterNeary||Team Player||Tillamook, OR||<<MailTo(tiwake AT gmail DOT com)>>|| H264 ||
||||||||BrianMurray||Team Player||Camas, WA|| <<MailTo(brian AT ubuntu DOT com)>> || bdmurray ||
||||||||MarkTerranova||Team Player ||Walnut Creek, CA||<<MailTo(mark AT gidgetkitchen DOT org)>>||MarkDude||

Ubuntu IRC Meetings: 1st & 3rd Thursdays at 6:30pm on #ubuntu-us-or Ubuntu


All are welcome to participate. We are an Ubuntu focused Linux User/Advocacy Group.

The Oregon team is just getting re-started. If you are interested in learning more please consider joining our Team Mailing list and the forums. Our team IRC channel is #ubuntu-us-or on the irc.freenode.net servers.

What's Happening

There are a few places we can meet in Portland

  • Free Geek of course

  • Backspace which would be a decent place to meet- followed up by playing some games at Ground Kontrol video games, drinks and music- might be ok

Eugene meeting spots:

  • Theo's on Lincoln and 8th WIFI

  • Espresso Roma on 13th by UO campus. It has a covered outside area also. WIFI

  • Eugene Library has meeting rooms available- they need to be reserved.


  • Spread Ubuntu Linux through out the state of Oregon
  • Provide assistance with migrating, installing, configuring and using Ubuntu
  • Promote the Ubuntu Certification
  • Work with other groups such as PLUG and to improve peoples computing experience by increasing awareness as well as improving software and documentation

How to Join

As we look forward to any contributions you can make, the team has taken a little extra time to gather the information to help you get started. We ask that everyone who would like to be a member of the Oregon Team read the latest version of the Code of Conduct (CoC) then sign sign the agreement before joining.

We ask that you seal the deal so to speak because the CoC is the foundation of Ubuntu development. Signing the CoC does means that you will have to register with Launchpad and create an account and generate and upload a GnuPG key. Think of Launchpad is the vehicle used by Ubuntu to track and collaborate on projects.

Please contact a team member if you need additional assistance signing the CoC; the IRC channel (#ubuntu-us-or) is a good place to look.

Now you need to Login to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UserPreferences using your Launchpad username and password. Fill out the User Preferences with the desired information. Don’t forget to add OregonTeam to the Subscribed wiki pages list then click Save.

Join our team's mailing list by visiting https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-us-or

Last but not certainly not least add your name, team position (if any, Team Player generally), location and contact information to the members list table below (or email me).

Feel free to correct any mistakes that may have been made in this process. We look forward to hearing about any ideas or problems you might have.


Please feel free to email us at ubuntu-us-or@lists.ubuntu.com with any ideas you may have.





Contact Information

IRC Handle

Benjamin Kerensa

Team Lead

Portland, OR

<bkerensa AT Ubuntu DOT com>


Aaron Albright

Team Player

Portland, OR

<ke7ezt AT gmail DOT com>


TK Goldenbaum

Team Player

Portland, OR

<tkg AT pdx DOT edu>


Rick Hale

Team Player

Portland, OR

<rickh57 AT gmail DOT com>

Finn Herzfeld

Team Player

Bothell, WA

<thefinn93 AT thefinn93 DOT com>



Team Player

Portland, OR


David Kaplan

Team Player

Portland, OR

<davek7 AT gmail DOT com>



Team Scribe

Beaverton, OR

<parkour86 AT gmail DOT com>


Brian Hellman

Team Player

Beaverton, OR

<brian AT linbit DOT com>


Eric Peters

Team Player

Beaverton, OR

<eric AT linuxsystems DOT net>


Tim Bruce

Team Player

Aloha, OR

<tim AT tbruce DOT com> Tim's Website



Team Player

Aloha, OR

<lorddicranius AT gmail DOT com>



Team Player

West Linn, OR

<ryan DOT catlin AT gmail DOT com>



Team Player

West Linn, OR

<mcontla AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com>


Erik Andersen

Team Player

Baker City, OR

<erik DOT b DOT andersen AT gmail.com>


Dylan Mann

Team Player

Eugene, OR

<dylan DOT mann AT gmail DOT com>

Cody Smith

Team Player

Keizer, OR

<cody DOT smith9202 AT gmail DOT com>


Tracey Coon

Team Player

Klamath Falls, OR

<coonjt AT msn DOT com>


Team Player

La Grande, OR

<eklesp AT gmail DOT com>


Randy Williamson

Team Player

McMinnville, OR

<ac7nj AT arrl DOT net>



Team Player

Salem, OR

see wikipage


Nathan Williams

Team Player

Tanasbourne, OR

<nathan AT nathanewilliams DOT com>


Daniel Polehn

Team Player

The Dalles, OR

<dpolehn AT gmail DOT com>



Team Player

Tigard, OR

<j DOT daniel DOT smith1 AT gmail DOT com>



Team Player

Tillamook, OR

<tiwake AT gmail DOT com>



Team Player

Camas, WA

<brian AT ubuntu DOT com>



Team Player

Walnut Creek, CA

<mark AT gidgetkitchen DOT org>


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