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Ubuntu IRC Meetings: 1st & 3rd Thursdays at 6:30pm on #ubuntu-us-or Ubuntu


Thanks for visiting! We are Ubuntu Oregon, a group of individuals focused on promoting and improving Ubuntu Linux.

If you're just interested in looking around for now, check out the links above.

If you are interested in joining (we don't bite! Smile :) ), the first thing to do is join our Team Mailing list and the forums. For more ways to join, see section "How To Join" below.

The team IRC channel is #ubuntu-us-or on the irc.freenode.net servers, and we can almost always be reached there for questions, suggestions, and pleasant conversation.

Getting together

We frequently get together for various purposes, whether it be a Global Jam, a Release Party, a Bug Squashing Party, or more improvisational Ubuntu Hours.

There are a few places we can meet in the Portland area:

Salem Meeting Spots:

Eugene meeting spots:

  • Theo's on Lincoln and 8th WIFI

  • Espresso Roma on 13th by UO campus. It has a covered outside area also. WIFI

  • Eugene Library has meeting rooms available- they need to be reserved.

Current Goals

  • Spread Ubuntu Linux through out the state of Oregon
  • Provide assistance with migrating, installing, configuring and using Ubuntu
  • Promote the Ubuntu Certification
  • Work with other groups such as PLUG and FreeGeek to improve peoples computing experience by increasing awareness as well as improving software and documentation

How to Join

We ask that everyone who would like to be a member of the Oregon Team read the latest version of the Code of Conduct (CoC), then sign sign the agreement before joining.

We ask that you seal the deal so to speak because the CoC is the foundation of Ubuntu's philosophy. Signing the CoC does means that you will have to register with Launchpad and generate and upload a GnuPG key. Think of Launchpad as the vehicle used by Ubuntu to consolidate and collaborate on projects.

If you need help with the steps above, feel free to contact one of us. The IRC channel (#ubuntu-us-or) is a good place to start

Now you need to Login with your Launchpad account. Fill out your profile with the desired information. Don’t forget to add OregonTeam to the "Subscribed wiki pages" list!

Most communication goes through our team's mailing list, so sign up at https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-us-or to stay in the know about local events and get involved in the discussion.

Welcom to Ubuntu Oregon! We look forward to hearing from you.


Please feel free to email us, at ubuntu-us-or@lists.ubuntu.com.