I, Otto Kekäläinen, apply for upload rights, as requested by the DMB, for the following packages which I help maintain as part of the pkg-mysql team in Debian:

  • mariadb-10.0
  • mariadb-client-lgpl
  • galera-3

About Me

I am a long time Free and Open Source advocate (since 1999). I use and work full time with open source at Seravo Oy and the MariaDB Foundation. I've been involved with Ubuntu since 2005 as user, translator and contributor in many ways. I am also a Debian Developer.

Contact Information

Launchpad ID:

Otto Kekäläinen


<otto AT debian DOT org>



otto_ on (not registered nick)



My Ubuntu contributions

Currently most of my Debian/Ubuntu development time goes into maintaining MariaDB, MySQL and other packages in Debian and Ubuntu. I am in the pkg-mysql-maint at Debian and the mysql-ubuntu team in Ubuntu.

I have a long history of various contributions to Ubuntu. First contributions (advocacy, translation) to Ubuntu already in 2005. I've maintained, published a printed Ubuntu booklet in Finnish and Finnish live-cd's that were distributed all over the country, I've organized release parties etc.

Related to packaging see:

Currenctly I am seeking PPU approval to be able to upload new versions of mariadb-10.0, galera-3 and other pkg-mysql-maint packages directly to Ubuntu when needed.

Other contributions

I've been an active open source citizen since 1999 and I have lot's of upstream contributions at many projects ranging from Ansible and the platform to WordPress core and XMBC plugins.

Future Goals

  • Keep all MariaDB and related packages up-to-date, roll-out security updates quickly, minimize regressions and enable innovation by introducing new mariadb-plugin packages and new versions of MariaDB, Connectors, Galera and others.
  • Help Ubuntu stay a superior server OS that former closed source slaves flock to when migrating away from Windows, Oracle etc


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Seth Arnold / Security team

Otto has provided the security team with mariadb updates to sponsor. His updates are accompanied with clear instructions how we should proceed, clear evidence that he's tested his work, and when he had an idea to unify the packaging among the different supported releases, he asked us if we'd be willing to include those changes in a security update. His work is careful and he's invited collaboration when it makes sense. Otto also closely follows the mariadb bug reports and is polite, thoughtful, and provides good advice to users. I recommend approving his PPU application. Thanks -- seth-arnold 2016-07-05 19:48:07

Robie Basak

I've been working with Otto for years both as part of his work on the Debian MySQL maintainers team, and in looking after MariaDB packaging on Ubuntu. He does an excellent job of looking after the MariaDB and related packages in both Debian and Ubuntu for us.

I think Otto's security maintenance of MariaDB in Ubuntu alone clearly meets the sustained and significant contribution requirement for Ubuntu membership. As Otto is a DD maintaining the MariaDB packaging to a high quality, I'd be happy with Otto being able to upload these packages to Ubuntu unsupervised. Otto generally fixes things in Debian and then syncs through to Ubuntu. So even though he has almost no (non-security) sponsored uploads to Ubuntu (according to the sponsorship miner anyway), I still think it would be valuable to give him things like the retry button so that I can keep less of an eye on things (spurious build failures seem to plague both MySQL and MariaDB - normally these are upstream issues). I would also value his ability to sync during freeze as necessary (with respect to the freeze criteria) without him being delayed by sponsors. Otto has been working with us for so long that I think his contributions meet the social criteria anyway. Let's grant him Ubuntu membership and give him PPU! -- racb 2016-07-08 09:51:21

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