Owen Marshall

Email: irixman AT gmail DOT com

Hi there! I am a 17 year old high school student in America. I have only used Ubuntu for a little while, but I have found that I really suits me well. I hope to be a frequent contributer to this Wiki.

I am new at the Wiki game, so don't yell too much if I mess up Wink ;-)

I work as a technical support agent at the local ISP as well as dabble in programming and administration. I also do some technical writing for mozilla.org, and some bugzilla grunt work.

Distro Thoughts (as if anyone cares!)

  • Redhat: This is the distro we use at work. 9.0 has no package manager, so I have frequently encountered dependency hell.
  • Debian: Just too old. I struggled to get all my devices to work, and even simple tasks frustrated me.
  • Gentoo: Lots of work that paid off in the end, but the Portage tree is horribly bloated and takes up too much hard disk space. Plus the compile time was horrible.
  • Ubuntu: Debian, but fresher. Just Plain Awesome.

Random Ubuntu Thoughts

What is with the new Gnome splash screen? Are the people naked, or does my mind decieve me? Not to say that I am a total prude or anything, but this may get some strange looks from my family Wink ;-)

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