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The next meeting will be on [ 11 October 2007, 18:00 PST] at '''''#ubuntu-pnw''''', ''''. The next meeting will be on [ 13 December 2007, 18:00 PST] at '''''#ubuntu-pnw''''', ''''.
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   * Progress update on becoming an official team
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  * PNW Wiki needs cleaning up

Date, Time and Place

The Pacific Northwest Team meetings are scheduled monthly. If you would like to have a meeting sooner then the next scheduled time, please contact the team via the mailing list (

The next meeting will be on [ 13 December 2007, 18:00 PST] at #ubuntu-pnw,

Team meetings are open to anyone interested in current team activities. All team members are encouraged to attend. If you would like to discuss something that is not shown on the agenda please feel free to add it.


  • Upcoming Events
    • Gutsy Release Party
    • GSLUG Meeting
  • Team projects
    • Open
      • Art Package
      • OR loco team update (H264?)
      • WA loco team update
      • Update forum
        • Forum now on Drupal install (because ubuntuforums denied hosting.)
    • Closed
    • New
  • Other
    • PNW Wiki needs cleaning up

In the event that an agenda item is not able to be discussed then it will be added to the agenda for the next team meeting or a special meeting may be held to cover the topic.

Past Meetings


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