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== Goals == = Goals =
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== What's Happening == = What's Happening =

Pacific Northwest Loco Team


PNWTeam is the Ubuntu user group for the Northwest region of the United States. If you haven't found a local community (loco) team to call home yet please feel free to jump in and help out.

If your interested in learning more about the team and what's going on please consider joining our [ mailing list] or visit our [ forum]!


  • Spread Ubuntu Linux through out the Pacific Northwest
  • Provide assistance with migrating, installing, configuring and using Ubuntu
  • Promote the Ubuntu Certification
  • Work with other groups to improve peoples computing experience by increasing awareness as well as improving software and documentation
  • More specific goals will be added soon

What's Happening

How to Join

As we look forward to any contributions you can make, the team has taken a little extra time to gather the information to help you get started. We ask that everyone who would like to be a member of the PNW Team read the latest version of the [ Code of Conduct] (CoC) then sign [ sign the agreement] before joining.

We ask that you seal the deal so to speak because the CoC is the foundation of Ubuntu development. Signing the CoC does means that you will have to [ register with Launchpad and create an account] and [ generate and upload a GnuPG key]. Think of Launchpad is the vehicle used by Ubuntu to track and collaborate on projects.

Please contact a team member if you need additional assistance signing the CoC.

Now you need to [ Login to] using your Launchpad username and password. Fill out the User Preferences with the desired information. Don’t forget to add PNWTeam to the Subscribed wiki pages list then click Save.

Join our mailing list by visiting []

Last but not certainly not least add your name, team position (if any), location and contact information to the members list table below (or [ email me]).

Feel free to correct any mistakes that may have made in this process. We look forward to hearing about any ideas or problems you might have.


Please feel free to email us at with any idea's you may have.





Contact Information


Team Contact

Tigard, OR; [ IM/IRC Info]


Team Player

Tacoma, WA; [ IM/IRC Info]

Paul Bartell

Team Player

North Seattle WA; [ IM/IRC Info]

[ Joel Shapiro]

Team Player

Seattle, WA; [ IM/IRC Info]


Team Player

Portland, OR

[ IM/IRC Info]

Dan Miller

Team Player

Seattle, WA

Ahmed Osman

Team Player

Bellevue, WA


Team Player

Moscow, ID


Team Player

Valley, WA;[ IM/IRC info]


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