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= PackageManagementTools =
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Package Management BoF: Tuesday, 1900


Synaptic as default mechanism, not much more.


Lots of shiny new stuff either already here or on the way.


  • notification area icon (icon needs work)
  • based on cronjob as root for apt-get update can't ask it to update and then download
  • runs update-manager or synaptic with gksudo if upgrades are available


  • actually show new updates; shells out Synaptic to do the real work (downloading/installing)


  • pygtk app: xdg menus translated into add/remove apps, with same structure
  • uses its own .desktop files, collected at build time for Hoary
  • ui argument about insta-apply vs set stuff + apply vs confirm-on-apply; consensus on instant-apply (because you usually want to only install one application in this use-case)


  • shiny
  • system settings -> software properties should go

  • have this dialog as the Preferences button from g-a-i/synaptic
  • fix displayed version (it's 4.10;5.04)
  • make the update-intervall configurable


  • add action "update" to some point in the menu
  • maybe there should be some decentralized way to download packages, like BitTorrent, in addition to HTTP download?


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