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Palma Salvatore

I joined Ubuntu on Februray 2006 with Ubuntu 5.10 "The Breezy Badger". I immediately created an account on the Italian forum and after a few days I began to give support to people.

After a year, I obtained [ Ubuntu Italian] membership. I'm working to the [ Promotion Group] and i am the coordinator of two project: [ Stickers Project] and the [ Cd Ubuntu Project]

The objectives of the promotion Group are the elaboration and to initiate varied projects for to promote l'use of Ubuntu in Italy and the principal objective is to delete the [ bug #1].

In a near future I would like to join Ubuntu Italian Translators Team to continue improving the overall quality of the translations.

* date of birth 31/10/1978

* [;u=4870 Profile of the italian forum]

* [ Launchpad profile]

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Salvatore is a very active person: he is moderator of Italian forum and he's involved in several projects related to marketing issues. He puts a lot of efforts to spread Ubuntu in Italy, and his work begins to pay. Nice work, Totò! Smile :) -LucaFalavigna-