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Nick: paolettopn and I live in: Sacile (PN)

Nickname: paolettopn
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IRC: paolettopn su IRC: paolettopn on

Jabber: paolettopn on
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My home is in: Sacile (PN)
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=== Projects === === My Projects ===


About me

I am: Paolo Garbin

and I live in: Sacile (PN)

Nickname: paolettopn

E-mail : MailTo(

Sito web: []

IRC: paolettopn on

Jabber: paolettopn on

Skype: paolettopn

My Projects


  • Radioamatore, Cooking, (italian food and other... is my passion), Linux and other (Winzoz... only help).

My Work

  • Oracle DBA, LDAP Admin, LAN / WAN Admin and Winz.. help desk. I'am working for a big italian department.

My Ideas

  • Help on FCM traductions, all Debian installations (and other..) and on the Open Source software installations...
  • Help on line for Linux software installations, described on my blog...
  • Change other operative sistem with Linux, on all my friends PC ! (Now, the number of converted PC are more of 50 !)
  • Change the oldest O.S. Windows with Linux (Debian, Ubuntu..), on all department PC, at my work.


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