About me

My real name is Paolo Garbin.

My nickname: paolettopn Date of birth: 1966, February 02

I live in Pordenone, Friuli Venezia Giulia (IT)

I'm sysadmin and use Linux software at home only, with friends and in all the italian LoCo Team and conventions; I use Windows at work (but I'm not happy for this...).

My favorite Linux operative system is Ubuntu LTS versions; I use it for all my tasks and I help everyone ask to me any question for various project solutions.

In 2006 we started the project in Launchpad and the Italian wiki named 'Translation of Full Circle Magazine', so today I am one of the man of the FCM italian translation team. At the moment I admin the local ML and IRC channel. You can read more informations at: (only in Italian language).

I started another italian project too, it's purpose is helping the 'Linux Old Man' (ham radio operators) you can find it at: (only in italian language). Now we are proudly starting the FCM accomplishment trophy project.

All the best and I hope to meet you at our Ubuntu-it IRC channels,


E-mail : <>

Blog site:

IRC: paolettopn on chan: #ubuntu-it-doc, #ubuntu-it-trad, #ubuntu-it-dev, #ubuntu-it-promo;

Jabber: paolettopn on

Skype: paolettopn

You can search another informations, reading the Ubuntu italian wiki at:


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