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= Name, age = = Name, age, address =
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Paolo, 1966 Paolo, 46 years old
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Friuli VEnezia Giulia, Italy Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy
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 * Joined Ubuntu on June 2007  * Use Ubuntu from April 2004
* Joined italian Ubuntu member on June 2007


Name, age, address

Paolo, 46 years old

Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy

Ubuntu Stuff

  • Use Ubuntu from April 2004
  • Joined italian Ubuntu member on June 2007
  • FCM Translator since May 2011
  • Newsletter editor only in the 2008 -2009

Italian Testing Team

  • I run private tests since warty.
  • Cases Adopted: Ubuntu32desktop.
  • My bugs are here.

Ubuntu Italian Relators Team

  • Joined the Italian Relators from october 2010.

Translation group

  • I would to participate in some groups and I am now a italian Ubuntu member.
  • I translated some few strings in launchpad for the It localization in some last release.
  • I provide to paginate the italian Full Circle Magazine articles.
  • Other translation on launchpad here

My Blog

News and info and other of Paolettopn

Why using Ubuntu?

Because is open source software It is free, I too So many reasons... First of all a my personal allergy to blue screen of death (BSOD) and viruses

About me

My name is Paolo Garbin, alias "paolettopn", I am born in 1966 and I live in Friuli Venezia Giulia, in Pordenone.

My nickname in all internet connections and social networks is paolettopn

My Ubuntu projects and collaborations are: italian FCM edition, Radioamatori, FCM Accomplishment

My international ham call are: IV3BVK and K1BVK

my-mail : <>, <>

IRC: paolettopn on channel ubuntu-it-doc, ubuntu-it-trad, ubuntu-it-promo, ubuntu-it-fcm

Jabber: paolettopn on

Skype: paolettopn

Facebook and Twitter: Paolo Garbin

Other my personal info, on the ubuntu italian wiki.


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