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 * Member of [[|BugSquad]]
 * Member of [[|Ubuntu Italian Translators]]
* Founder and administrator of [[|Ubuntu Italian Marketing Team]]
 * Founder and former administrator of [[|Ubuntu Italian Marketing Team]]
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 * Founder and writer of [[|DietroLe5]], the Italian version of Behind Ubuntu  * Founder of [[|DietroLe5]], the Italian version of Behind Ubuntu
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 * Serving the [[|Italian LoCo Council]] since January 2011  * Served the [[|Italian LoCo Council]] from January 2011 to December 2013
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 * Serving the International [[|LoCo Council]] since November 2011  * Served the International [[|LoCo Council]] from November 2011 October 2012
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I organized the following Ubuntu-it Meetings:
 * [[|Siena, 26 Gen 2008]]
 * [[|Cesenatico, 27 Sep 2008]]
 * [[|Bologna, 28 Mar 2009]]
 * [[|Bologna, 22 May 2010]]
 * [[|Perugia, 18 Sep 2010]] (Debian-Ubuntu Community Conference)
 * [[|Schio, 30 Apr/1 May 2011]] (Ubuntu Party)
 * [[|Roma, 28 May 2011]]
 * [[|Bologna, 15 Oct 2011]]
The full list of the events I organized is available in the [[|Conference page]].
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And I often partecipate at events as a speaker, like
 * [[|University of Siena, 22 Oct 2010]]
 * [[|Fermo, 22 Jan 2011]]
 * [[|Europython, 20 June 2011]]

I also attended at follows UDS:
I also attended at the following UDS:
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 * [[|UDS Quantal]], Oakland, USA (Kindly sponsored by Canonical Ltd).
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 * [[|QTQuick Template]] for [[|Quickly]]  * [[|QTQuick Template]] for [[|Quickly]]
 * ubuntu-defaults-build [[|additional tools]]
 * Automatic Localized CD [[|building script]] for Amazon EC2/S3
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== Translations ==

I maintain Italian translation for the following packages:

 * [[|Lernid]]
 * [[|Gobby]]
 * [[|Obby]]
 * [[|Rednotebook]]
 * [[|Simple Scan]]
 * [[|USB Creator]]
 * [[|Jockey]]
 * [[|chronium-browser]]
 * [[|quickly]]

Other translations:

 * Random traslations on [[|Rosetta]]
 * Interviews [[|Daniel Holbach]], [[|Reinhard Tartler]], [[|Matt Zimmerman]], [[|Raphael Pinson]], [[|Ben Collins]].
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 * Member of [[|Ubuntu Italian Translators]] from December 2007 to April 2012

=== Translations ===

Packages I had maintained:

 * [[|Lernid]]
 * [[|Gobby]]
 * [[|Obby]]
 * [[|Rednotebook]]
 * [[|Simple Scan]]
 * [[|USB Creator]]
 * [[|Jockey]]
 * [[|chronium-browser]]
 * [[|quickly]]

Other translations:

 * Random traslations on [[|Rosetta]]
 * Interviews [[|Daniel Holbach]], [[|Reinhard Tartler]], [[|Matt Zimmerman]], [[|Raphael Pinson]], [[|Ben Collins]].

IconsPage/IconNote.png La versione in italiano qui

About Me

Ubuntu Stuff

LoCo Marketing Team

In January 2007 I proposed to the Italian Community Council the creation of an Italian Marketing Team (later named Gruppo Promozione). With the help of Milo Casagrande and Salvatore Palma I have set up the Group, I wrote the roadmap and I wrote the guidelines for new projects. I'm still in charge of it where I mainly mentor new members and I coordinate the event organization.

Community Testing Team

After UDS Lucid, following the "increase community partecipation in tests" I started an Italian Testing Team trying to bring more contributors to Ubuntu through QA activities. I presented Team's results at UDS-M, UDS-N, UDS-O, UDS-P and I wrote the LoCo Testing How To in the hope that other teams may start contributing in Ubuntu through testing.

Ubuntu Events

The full list of the events I organized is available in the Conference page.

I also attended at the following UDS:


My Specifications

Following the specifications for Rosetta I wrote:

Other / Non Ubuntu Stuff

Software I wrote

Past activities


Packages I had maintained:

Other translations:


I would like to leave my testimonial for Paolo. I've been knowing him since almost the beginning of the Italian community, with him we started the Italian newsletter, a "spin-off" of the UWN, with his help we've organized the first Ubuntu-it meeting and from his idea the Italian Gruppo sviluppo (the Italian counterpart of the international development team) was born; he still is part of the translation team and helps us translating interviews other than software. He always has great ideas, he is a passionate and very active open source and free software advocate. I would highly recommend him. -- milo 2009-01-04 21:21:24

Paolo has been a consistent and very valuable contributor to the Italian team for a long time now, he is an excellent candidate for membership. -- mdke 2009-01-05 10:19:43

I would like to sponsor Paolo for his membership. He's one of the first member of the Italian community and his enthusiasm is not went down during the years. He has worked for the organization of the first Ubuntu Italian Meeting and now he works in several projects of our community! He's a very good member of Ubuntu as well as a great person! You rock! -- hattory 2009-01-05 10:35:18

Paolo is a great force behind ubuntu-it and a very nice person, too. His contribution to the Italian team is excellent! lorenzosfarra 2023-10-02 21:33:11

I am very happy to add here my personal testimonial for Paolo, a delightful fellow in our team. During these years he had always contributed with firm belief and competence to a large part of our activities. He has joined the Gruppo Web (the Ubuntu Italian Website Team) at the very beginning and since then he was a strategic contributor. I would highly recommend him for the membership. thesaltydog 2023-10-02 21:33:11


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