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Long printer names problem when printing through WINE

* Jan 23, 2007

Today I had to print a html page through the Internet Explorer 6 running through WINE in my Ubuntu 6.06 (It was my Income Tax Declaration Form that i have to attach with my bills). When i reached the printing options, i did not see my CUPS (Common Unix Printing System) printer used by the system.

I decided to make it get to work rather than simply going over a windows machine lying in my next cube Wink ;)

I tried winecfg to see whether it can be configured.

It gave me the following error. $ winecfg err:winspool:AddPrinterW Printername L"LaserJet-8150-Series-Postscript-ICONJET3" must not exceed length of DEVMODE.dmDeviceName ! err:winspool:CUPS_LoadPrinters printer 'LaserJet-8150-Series-Postscript-ICONJET3' not added by AddPrinterA (error 124)

This seems that the very long printer name i had given while configuring the printer is causing the problem. The problem may be due to WINE or maybe due to limitation of Windows itself (since WINE uses WIN API's)

To rectify this,

Goto System->Administration->Printing

delete the current printer (if you are not able to rename it, which was in my case)

Readd the printer following the sequence you had done earlier.. but while naming it use a very short name so that WINE can accept it.

After this you are ready to use it in WINE.

Running Internet Explorer on Ubuntu

* Jan 19, 2007

We can run multiple versions of Internet Explorer in Ubuntu by doing the following:

Make sure you have "universe" enabled on /etc/apt/sources.list

$ sudo apt-get install wine cabextract

$ wget

$ tar -xvzf ies4linux-latest.tar.gz

$ cd ies4linux-x.y.z (where x.y.z is the actual version number)


Follow the instructions and lot of cabs and other packages will be downloaded

Once it finishes, you will IE installed on the machine. Enjoy !


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