partition-prober will be d-i component, which will find partitions from computer's IDE/SCSI hard disk(s) (and maybe other non-hotplugabble storage), for example windows C (and other) disks, linux and *bsd partitions from other distributions and other partitions, created for user's needs, etc...

In other words **partition-prober has to find all partitions from non-hotplugable storage (which can't be removed at runtime, without shutting down the OS).** Of course partition-prober should find only partitions, which are mountable in Linux (contains filesystem, which can be mounted with Linux).

Results (output) will be available in a generic (text) format (similar to os-prober's output format), which can be adapted to needed format for partitioner or LiveCD (casper) component.

Colin Watson (Kamion) suggested, that might also be worth pondering how much of partition-prober code would be shared with os-prober, and how to cope with that

It seems it would be wise conceivably change the os-prober source package to have it split out a second binary package, so that partition-prober developers don't have to clone-and-hack the code

Where it would be the best place to mount various hard disk partitions from users view and what the best folders' names would be ?

  • According to FHS 2.3, /mnt should never be used for permanent mounts, it seems the best place for mounting these partitions is /media folder, like where other stuff is mounted Smile :)

  • IDE/SCSI hard disks (and other non-hotplugable storage) also could be used as portable (removable) storage (for example by using hdd racks), so mounting partitions from such disks to /media/$partitionname would be intuitive from user's view.
  • It seems it would be better, if folder names for mounting would be more intuitive, than hda1, hda5, sda2, etc. Maybe it would be wise to use some information from os-prober for this, for exampe name of /dev/hda1 with ntfs and windows os installed could be /media/windows_c, folder name for redhat 9.0 root partition could be /media/redhat9_root, etc. If for some reasons there are no way to detect such info, then maybe filesystem type could be used in folder name, for example /media/ntfs_hda5

Partitions, which belong to being installed system (are mounted as /, /home, /tmp, /var, etc;), shouldn't be mounted to /media, of course Wink ;)


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