Pascal Potvin

Email: <pascal DOT potvin AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com>

I am a technician/salesman in a computer shop in Montreal.

I do a lot of testing, and try to report bugs, and solutions to them as soon as I can. I've worked on translation, and I do a lot of marketing in Quebec for free software (Ubuntu most of the time).

I'm currently working on helping the QuebecTeam grow.

I can code in C, C++, python. I learned other MS languages before too. I write html with no software help. I always try to be w3c compliant. I know a bit about packaging, but most of the time, it's "sudo checkinstall make install". Still, I can bootstrap, chroot a clean environment.

I have made my own Ubuntu French liveCD and gave it to more than 300 people. I also created, with 2 other students, a group focused on supporting OSS in my former College.

When I'll have time and money, I will get my LPI certifications.

Oh, and I loooooove Ubuntu.


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