I'm a university student currently environmental chemistry. I love the outdoors, the stars, and the command line. Ubuntu is a great community, and I'm proud to be a part of it. I'd like to give back in what small way I can.

About me, about Ubuntu

I first tried linux on a spare computer in high school, and I've been a Ubuntu user almost that long. I really liked the alternate look and feel of linux compared to windows, and the fact that I was able to tinker with it. Now my brother, sister, family, and (a few) friends are also fans. I carry Ubuntu on a flash drive with my keys so I'm always able to rescue a friend's computer, or show someone what Ubuntu will look like on their system, no strings attached. People are amazed when an old computer comes back to life with linux.

I tried various distributions before finally settling on Ubuntu, and the difference was the community. I had a problem, found out about community support on IRC, and then discovered this wonderful group of people there who helped and supported each other. They inspired me to hang out and learn so I could help too. Because of that, Ubuntu is forever linked in my mind with IRC, and the friendly spirit I found there when I was still new and inexperienced. I try to promote that same spirit today so others might have the same experience I did.

You can usually find me spending time in #ubuntu-offtopic when I'm not working or studying, and sometimes helping in #ubuntu in short bursts. I report bugs on launchpad and pitch in on Ubuntu Brainstorm. I try to help other people feel welcome, find out what their real questions are, and lighten the mood when it gets too serious.



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  • Born 1989
  • Locations: Baltimore Maryland, or Washington, D.C.,
  • Time Zone: GMT -5.
    • Pithy quote: "Sometimes helping people involves acting silly."


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