Email: <paul AT SPAMFREE axelweston DOT com>

Location: Longmont, Colorado USA




Using Ubuntu since Warty. First install Jan. 2005. Still using that install.

I teach Linux classes at Longmont's Free University

Set up LFU computer lab with 11 seats of Breezy running dual boot with winxp on dell pcs.

I teach Ubuntu and have given out shipit cds also Breezy Ubuntu and Kubuntu that I burn myself.

As of November 2005 have taught 4 Linux classes with focus on Ubuntu since March, 2005. 16 students.

Am Sun Certified Solaris System Administrator. Teach Sun Solaris curriculum of system administration using Solaris 9


Started Longmont Linux User's Group. First mtg. Oct. 12, 2005 - 13 in attendance. Presented overview of Breezy Ubuntu and Kubuntu. gave out Breezy Ubuntu and Kubuntu disks Longmont Linux Users Group mtg. November 9, 2005 Kevin DeKorte presents the 'Layers of Linux' Kevin is primary peveloper of mplayerplug-in Have Ubuntu and Kubuntu 5.10 cds to give out.

Have startup company Axelweston Inc. Specialize in small form factor pcs and laptops with Ubuntu preinstalled.



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