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 * Hobbsee - help with 'keyboard' accessability issue (My keys don't work!)
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== People to whom I did ows Beers/Pizza/Yiros, and have now paid up ==
 * Hobbsee - help with 'keyboard' accessability issue (My keys don't work!)


People to whom I owe Beers/Pizza/Yiros

  • persia - Help with REVU and packaging questions.
  • LukeYelavich ('TheMuso') - help with a whole bunch of packaging questions.

  • ??? - The person(?) who got cups/gnome to autodetect Brother network printers.
  • jmitch - help with 'keyboard' accessability issue (My keys don't work!)
  • bimbari - system -> prefs -> sound, System Beep

  • greebo - Software Freedom Day ideas and promotional material
  • lucychilli - all round great person
  • siccness - assistance with 'WebDAV' configuation.
  • foutrelis - assistance with restoring corrupted 'initramfs'

People to whom I did ows Beers/Pizza/Yiros, and have now paid up

  • Hobbsee - help with 'keyboard' accessability issue (My keys don't work!)


Working with Adam Sommer ( ) on server documentation updates for Gutsy.

The following links are to Wiki pages that I have created, have contributed to, or are currently collaborating on.



A Brief Introduction (to me)

Paul works for Quantum, in Adelaide, South Australia as the System Administrator for the Adelaide Office.

He was resently employed as a System Adminstrator and Perl Programmer. Paul has also worked on embedded Linux systems for a Crane Safety Systems. In past lives he has worked with large SQL databases (education), been a Unix/Linux System Administrator (defence), and developed network managment software (startup). Oh, yeah and he also studied Physics and Mathematics at the University of Adelaide.

He is also involved in LinuxSA (The South Australian Linux User Group, []) and Air-Stream (Adelaide Community Wireless Network, []). He has given presentations on various topics of personal interest, ranging from distributed computing, embedded Linux and 'git'.

Paul maintains a community news site ([ MawsonLakes.Org ]) and is in the habit of passing out Ubuntu CD's whenever he can.

Immediate Plan for Ubuntu Involvement

  • Continue my contributions on the AustralianTeam, bringing Ubuntu to the Austalian community.

  • Work on Bug #1
  • Help out where I can.


Linux Australia

  • Organised Software Freedom Day Event - [ Software Freedom Showcase], Mawson Lakes Adelaide, September 2006

  • Linux Australia Representative at [ ConnectingUp06] Conference, Adelaide, May 2006

  • Organised Embedded Miniconf (1/2 day) at Linux.Conf.Au 2006
  • Organising Committee Member (Helper/Volunteer wrangler) for Linux.Conf.Au 2004 (Adelaide)

Open Source

My Todos

Other Ideas

  • Ubuntu Installfest in School Holidays with Dapper.
  • Contact South Australian Education Department about distributing Dapper.
  • Building local community support and infrustructure.
  • Contact CISA re. making Ubuntu available for Not-for-profit groups.

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