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== Current ==
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== Not-For-Profit Documentation ==

Outline: Presentations, Case studies and resources for using and promoting Ubuntu and FLOSS software in Not-For-Profit and community organisations.

Status: Part of Ubuntu Australia Documentation Project / Ongoing

Started: Mon, 8 May 2006

If you have any suggestions on case studies or arguments of why using Ubuntu make sense for Not-For-Profit organisations, please let me know.
== Past ==




Mawson Lakes, Adelaide, South Australia



CST +0930







PaulSchulz/NotForProfitDocumentation PaulSchulz/ComputerTraining



Computer Training

Possible Ubuntu Training Courses

(5 Apr 2006) The WEA (Worker's Education Association, Adult Education) of South Australia has just sent out their April-June Course guide, and I thought that I'd puruse the computer courses and see what was on offer.. while there was no Ubuntu or Linux training on offer there were the following computing courses. (Amounts are in AU$.)


Duration, Cost

Comment / Alternatives

Computer Awareness

Keyboard Skills: Beginners

8w x 2h, 5w x 3h, $214

There is no reason why any of these courses couldn't be run with Ubuntu.

Touch Typing in Two Days

2d x 6h, $184

Using a Personal Computer

2w x 3h, 1d x 6h, $149


1d x 6h, $149

Ubuntu Gnome Desktop, LiveCD and Installer

File Management

1 x 3h $65


Learn to burn a CD

1 x 3.5h, $69

Gnome Baker

Basic Computing for Seniors

4w x 3h, $97

Odd Windows for Seniors

3w x 3h, $149

Accounting Packages


2w x 6h, 4w x 3h, $254

GNU Cash

Advanced MYOB

1 x 5h, $159

GNU Cash

Payroll MYOB

1 x 5h, $159



2d x 5h, $234



Introduction to Excel

2h x 6h, 4w x 3h, $234

Open Office Calc

Intermediate Excel

2d x 6h, $234

Open Office Calc

Time Management/Scheduling and Project Management

Introduction to Microsoft Project

2w x 3h, $149


Introduction to Microsoft Outlook

1 x 4h, $79


Presentation, Graphics and Desktop Publishing

Desktop Publishing with Word

1d x 6h, $149

Open Office Writer

Preparing Powerpoint Presentations

1d x 6h, 2w x 3h, $149

Open Office Impress


1d x 6h, $149

Inkscape? - Is Scribus suitable?

PDF with Adobe Acrobat

3w x 3h, $189

PDF Forms

1s x 3h, $65

Introduction to Digital Photography

1d x 6h, $159

Getting the most from your scanner

1d x 6h, $159

Digital Video Editing - Introduction

1d x 6h, $159

What FLOSS alternatives are there?

Digital Video Editing II - Premiere Elements

1d x 6h, $159

Adobe Photoshop

Computer Graphics - Adobe Photoshop

4d x 4h, 5w x 3h, $269


Tips & Tricks Adobe Photoshop

4d x 4h, 5w x 3h, $269


More Tips & Tricks: Adobe Photoshop

5w x 3h, $269


Adobe Photoshop Studio

4w x 3h, $234


Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator

5w x 3h, $269


Adobe Illustrator II

5w x 3h, $269


Adobe Indesign

Adobe Indesign

5w x 3h, $269


Adobe Indesign II

5w x 3h, $269


Word Processing

Introduction to Word

4w x 3h, 2d x 6h, $234

Open Office Writer

Intermediate Word

2w x 6h, $234

Open Office Writer


Introduction to Access

2d x 6h, $234

Open Office Base

Intermediate Access

1d x 6h, $149

Open Office Base

Internet Courses

Internet and the World Wide Web

1 x 4h, $79

Firefox, Galeon, Epiphany-browser

Internet and the WWW for Seniors

1 x 4h, $79


Internet Safety and Awareness for Seniors

1 x 2h, $11


Basic E-Mail

1 x 3h, $65


More E-mail

1 x 3h, $65


Creating your own web page

1 x 6h

gedit, NVU, Bluefish

Web page creation using front page

1 x 6h, $149

NVU, Bluefish

Why did I bother typing this in? The list is a starting point for the sort of educational course that could be offered, and the prices that are charged.

A Brief Introduction (to me)

Currently, Paul works on Linux systems for the Adelaide company, Robway Crane Safety Systems. In past lives he has worked with large SQL databases (education), been a Unix/Linux System Administrator(defence), and developed network software(startup). Oh, yeah and he also studied Physics and Mathematics at the University of Adelaide.

He is also involved in LinuxSA (The South Australian Linux User Group, and has given presentations on topics of personal interest, ranging from distributed computing, embedded Linux and 'git'.

He enjoys having a local public library that he can walk to, although he has to bring his own software as they are yet to appriciate the benefits of Free ad Open Source.

Email: paul at


Paul maintains a community news site and is in the habit of passing out Ubuntu and TheOpenCD CD's whenever he can.

He is also working on Linux 2.6.x support for Compulab's ARMCore-GX (system on a board). This embedded system uses the Intel's XScale PXA255 processor. Cross platform development is done on both Intel i686 and PowerPC (Mac Mini) platforms (thanks to Ubuntu!)

Some Open Source Contributions

My Todo's

  • [Done] Sign 'Code of Contact'
  • Add name to next Council agenda
  • [Done] Describe some of the things I am currently involved in.
  • Describe what I would like to be involved in.
  • Signup as a maintainer

Past Projects

Connecting Up 06

When: May 1-2 2006


The South Australian State Government runs a conference for people involved in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in the Not-for-profit and Community sector. The program emphasises the management and administration of ICT resources in these organisations.

The program of speakers included:

  • Hon Jay Weatherill, SA Minister for Families and Communities – The SA Government’s role in ICT in the delivery of community services
  • Nicola Thompson, General Manager, ICT Hub, London
  • Joe Baker, Executive Director, Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN ), US

  • David Barnard, Executive Director, South African Non-Government Organisations Network (SANGONet)

  • Dr Simon Davey, Managing Director, Omega Alpha Limited (, Managing Associate, preponderate network (

  • Amith Nagarajan, CEO, Aptify Corporation, US.

This was an ideal opportunty to promote Ubuntu and other related projects:

  • Ubuntu
  • Software Freedom Day - September
  • Linux Australia


  • [Done] Register for confernce and book booth.
  • [Done] Requested 320 CDROMs from ShipIT. (26 Mar)
    • [Confirmed] Shipit CD's have been sent (29 Mar)
    • [Arrived] Wahoo! (8 Apr)
  • [Done] Discuss at AustraliaTeam meeting (4 Apr 2006)

  • [Done] Seeking sponsorship from Linux Australia sponsorship for booth/attendance.
    • [Done] Sponsorship confirmed (6 Apr)
    • [Done] Receive funds
    • [Done] Pay for registration and booth
  • Report to AustralianTeam meeting on 11 Apr 2006 (AustraliaTeam/Meetings)

  • [Done] Prepare an A4 promotional speil for conference handbook (was due two weeks before).
  • Make contact with
    • Other FLOSS minded people who may be going, to let them know we'll be there.
    • [Done] Local volunteers through LinuxSA
    • [Not done] Conference Speakers (or their offices)
  • Booth
    • [Done] Organise furnature.. card-table and monitor stand.
    • [Done] Prepare display material.


  • This is an annual conference, and I only thought of going quite late. It would be good to think about what can be done for future years, and start planning. eg. Contacting the organisers about getting a speaker from Ubuntu/Canonical or Lunux Australia and the LUG's
  • It costs AU$250 to put something into the delegate package... not in the budget, maybe next year.

Other Suggestions

  • Have a visitors book at the booth.
  • Blog the event - particularly if you can do it live.
  • Show how Free and Open Source software can save organisations real money. (Who in Adelaide had Ubuntu partner points?)
    • Case studies.
    • Examples of how Ubuntu can be used in an organisations ICT strategy.
  • (Put your thoughts/ideas here or on the [AustralianTeam/Meetings] page.)


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